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Recommended Marketing/Business Books

September 16, 2009

Did I tell you about my new Kindle?

So far I've been trying to read fiction on it. I read a pretty good science fiction novel ("Red Mars") and am nearly finished with Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (great read!). But the Kindle also provides a good opportunity to read more business and marketing books.

Which brings us to today's Twitter Question of the Week:

"What good biz or marketing books have you read recently?"

Here's what my Twitter followers are reading:

Full disclosure: I've added my Amazon affiliate link to these if you're clicking through and want to buy. - Jill

TechLH: I'm always reading something. Right now it's Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan. So far, so good.

AmyDeMaria: "Ideas that Stick," "Tribes," "TwitterPower," "Outliers."

t_jones: "Breakthrough Advertising" by G. Schwartz (not for the novice) & "The King of Madison Avenue" by K. Roman (bio of D. Ogilvy).

jaamit: "Purple Cow" – Seth Godin. Old but absolutely brilliant, SEOs can learn a lot from it re: creating something worthy of links.

Jill: That one goes well with Karon's article this week!

sjbt: Neat little book impressed me. It's about giving value as a biz lifestyle – "The Go-Giver" by Burg & Mann.

MerryMorud: "Juicing the Orange," "The Anatomy of Buzz," "Mao in the Boardroom" (guerrilla marketing case studies).

macgenie: "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?" by Bryan Eisenberg.

marcbitanga: "Free" by Chris Anderson is pretty good read.

RyanJones: Currently reading "The Chaos Scenario" about social media.

NewfangledMark: "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" is tops on my list so far this year – although it is a few years old.

thegrif: Good web marketing/analytics book: "Cult of Analytics."

chrbutler: "What Got You Here Won't Get You There."

polymon: I'm in the middle of "Escape from Cubicle Nation." The beginning was awesome; it's starting to fade, but still great.


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