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Twitter Question of the Week

April 20, 2011
To go along with today's article on local SEO, I asked my Twitter followers the following:

++Got any local SEO tips?++

Here's how they responded:

cyandle: Making sure you have your full address and contact info listed throughout your website.

SEOMalc: Make a point of promoting your location-based services throughout your website and within your local niches. Don't go generic.

mackenzieniall: Citations Citations Citations :)

ToddHeim: Make sure your business directory listings have accurate information and are in the right categories.

WissamDandan: Consistency of the NAP (name, address, phone), BLVD means Boulevard – no abbreviations, add address on Contact Us page.

Volacci: Making sure the local listings are 100% complete or as close to 100% as possible.

funnykat: Citations, Google Places, websites: Make sure all addresses match.

MaryBowling: Optimize your website for keywords and geographic terms. Sounds simple but so many people miss the mark.

creativeonion: Setting up a company profile on LinkedIn! (Which has seen a boost since Panda.)

Jimbeetle: Local means offline eyeballs so make sure domain name is on *every* surface company controls.

supernaut76: Use @edmontonSEO's local citation finder - very actionable.

nickleroy: Claim your local business listing on all three major search engines. (Google, Bing & Yahoo)

mercylivi: Incorporate local search phrases into the content.

ultimasurf: Get your business listed in Google Places, local address at your website, & host your website locally work for me.

Webprotech: Have a 100% complete verified listing and instead of testimonials ask satisfied customers to post genuine reviews on Google.

niftymarketing: Tips on local title tags here.

marcusbowlerhat: Links from local directories and business forums--only the cream of the crop obviously.

Jill's Response: @creativeonion, that's great, I have never thought of using LinkedIn that way, thanks! I also like @WissamDandan's tips because I hadn't heard those before. And @jimbeetle's answer is one that seems so obvious, yet is missed by so many local companies. @supernaut76, nice find with that local citation finder, I gave it a quick look and it appears to be helpful @niftymarketing, thanks for sharing that article, it's also very helpful.

Thanks all for your participation!

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 @garyjmag said:
Link to (and embed the Google map) your claimed & optimized G Places listing on your contact/location page.

Talk about the area in which your business location is directly located in. Mention major landmarks and locations that Google would recognize

Add location in hCard microformat

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