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Twitter Question of the Week

April 21, 2010
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++Do you like it when local map listings show up in the regular Google results?++

WilliamLang: Y.E.S. Little to no downside.

davematson: If it is relevant, it's fine. Hate it when it shows map with results out of range.

leebrinckley: Haven't really thought about I would say local map listings don't bother me.
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netmeg: Would like ability to turn it off; just because I fill it out doesn't mean appropriate for all clients to have it display.

ann_donnelly: I can see where Google map listings in results could be helpful, if complete & accurate. In Ireland, often they aren't.

KatherineAndes: Does it matter if I like or not? Google doesn't care. Map listings are better than seeing yelp results when that's all that's on page.

Emma_Lee1: In the UK they're not accurate enough. Search for solicitors = claims management co results – not solicitors, not helpful.

domjbs: Often, yes. Taking off my local SEO hat, it's very useful from a user perspective in many verticals.

JTPotts: Yes - I basically only use map listings anyway.

marcusbowlerhat: Hmm, it seems a bit patchy. Search for Business type X in location Y works, whilst search for type A in location B does not.

marknunney: As a searcher – sometimes (when it helps); as an SEO – sometimes (when I get a 2nd listing there).

Jill: Yes, @marknunney has a good point. I feel differently about the Google Maps showing up in regular results depending on if I'm the searcher or the SEO. As an SEO, if your client's address isn't in the big city, their website can be overlooked because the local maps take up so much real estate in the search results. But on the other hand, I have often found those results helpful when doing searches, in general.

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