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Twitter Question of the Week

August 24, 2011
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++What's your 1 tip for naturally working keywords into content?++

Here's how they responded:

JulieJoyce: First say it out loud as you would if you were telling it to someone. Then write it.

NewfangledMark: Writing content which is based on your expertise and solutions that answers your prospects' problems.

Davidcarrillo: Take draft & look for related words you can sub with keywords; sentences you can restructure to add singular & plural variations.

SeoSteven: Create content that fits your keywords, don't try to fit your keywords into your content.

dan_shure: Have a really clear focus on the purpose of the site/page. Keywords flow once the idea is figured out: 90% prep & 10% writing.

therichbrooks: Just KEYWORDS make KEYWORDS sure KEYWORDS you KEYWORDS don't KEYWORDS overuse KEYWORDS them. P.S. KEYWORDS.

BeSearchable: The trick to including keywords into content naturally is to know your primary keyword, yet forget it as you write.

ShaMenz: From original KW phrase, develop variations – singular, plural, etc. Place one variation at beginning of each paragraph & write copy naturally around them.

MichaelTheHayes: No silver bullet, just write natural quality content, make it about your target keywords. Post panda, forcing keywords is a no-no.

forestsoftware: I use the old public speaking idea - tell 'em what you are going to say, say it and tell 'em what you have just said.

oleary: I start with 1 main keyword and a few long tail variations and write content in sections covering each keyword phrase.

Tony_DWM: Relax, let is flow and don't stress. Read it aloud - does it make sense? Rinse and repeat ;-)

Netrafic: We tell clients to just write specifically about the subject on the page and the keywords will be there! Then we tweak :-)

And a summarized version of a Facebook friend's response:

Ken Jones: Take the annoyingly zen approach and forget your keywords and just write about your keywords.

Jill's Comment: I'm surprised nobody mentioned my favorite (and I think easiest) way to get keywords into your content--write more descriptively instead of in generalities.

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 Anonymous said:
Ask questions and then answer them. Eg. State their problem then give the solution.
Are you looking for x? Do you need help creating a y? Abc would love to help you find the right X, with easy steps to create your Y to give you the Z you deserve.
 Danny said:
Write the content as though you were the end user. If you won't read the piece...
will someone else?