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Twitter Question of the Week

December 1, 2010
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++What's the most difficult/frustrating part of keyword research in your opinion?++

Here's what they tweeted back:

katemorris: Lack of good (accurate) keyword traffic tools.

oleary: Knowing whether or not the numbers I get from Google's keyword tool are accurate or not.

whatshannonsays: Convincing the client that yes, these *are* the keywords you seek. (grin)

pdecoteau: The angle – which will you take with the keywords you research and discover?

VincentAmmirato: I'm with @katemorris re: lack of accurate keyword tools, and would like to add how Google's tools way, way overestimate volume.

StevenTait: Gotta be decision makers wanting to rank for vanity keywords rather then the list expert seo's have compiled.

AnnieCushing: Reliable keyword research for local.

Tony_DWM: Time consuming (if done properly!). And helping clients understand how critical online market research is.

Echwa: Has to be the correlation with real numbers via test AdWords campaigns

timhatton: Explaining that what a company calls a product/service internally isn't necessarily what Joe Public types into Google.

pjhfusco: Knowing when to stop ; )

brettpringle: Keyword tool data is not consistent across tools & on a geographic basis.

SEONickLeRoy: Not actually knowing the true search traffic of the keyword until you're already ranking well for it.

saleemyaqub: The lack of transparency and discrepancies in Google keyword data; its skewed towards more Adwords profit!

hoomiedomboh: The fact that ALL tools give weird search volume data. And now Google's new tool ignores 1/2 the terms you enter. Waaah.

brian_a_jft: Researching for phrases that aren't common, searchers type in a problem not being able to identify what your page is about.

Jill's Response: For me, as I've written in today's keyword research article, the most frustrating and difficult part of keyword research is the lack of any good, accurate way to measure keyword competition.

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 stacy said:
Volume and Time. I'm a one-man e-marketing department. To do really good keyword research over several product areas is too time consuming to complete with other online marketing duties.