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Twitter Question of the Week

April 7, 2010
This week, I asked my Twitter followers:

++What do you feel is THE most important SEO tactic for any website?++

Here's what they said:

Laurent8: TITLE + Anchor Text and you got yourself a (basic but most important) SEO strategy.
Twitter Bird
josiahcole: Content creation. Without unique content you have nothing to market and nothing for the visitor; inbound links will be organic.

netrafic: Browser titles that are congruent with page content tailored towards a popular keyword term or two.

semdave: Content development tailored to meet the information needs of your appropriate audience. User-friendly content = strong SEO.

AVirtualEdge: Web content and backlink quality.

designrox17: Would it be keywords? I'm new to this.

Jill's comment: Well, if designrox17 meant keyword research (and not Meta keywords!), then the newbie's the one who got it right! While content creation, titles, and anchor text are extremely important, if you don't first research the keywords, they could all be for nothing.

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 Tiziano Mazza said:
Hey Jill
Im always reading the High Rankings newsletters and i heard sometimes you talk about keyword research but i dont know exactly what you mean. Do you mean write content based on google keywords?
How can i make a research about what keywords should i use? Is it important to put the keywords on a link?
 Jill Whalen said:
Tiziano, please see the many articles we've had in the past on Keyword Research to get a better understanding of what it is, how to do it, and how it is the cornerstone of SEO.
 John said:
i would have to say unique content would be #1 and by that I mean everything that user can and cant see (tags).