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Twitter Question of the Week

September 22, 2010
This week, to go along with my Open Letter to Google,  I asked my Twitter followers:

What type of search engine spam do you see still working well in Google?

Here are their responses:

moreSEOtips: Paid/blogroll links from foreign websites – impacting English .com site results.

lookadoo: Link farms, #1 & #2 above authority domains.

piconsulting: Local dupe sites with different keyword-heavy domains and 95% dupe content with only Cityname, State changed still work well.

GrpTwentySeven: Keyword stuffing still seems to work, unfortunately! <BIG sigh>

ann_donnelly: Still see a lot of scraped sites, syndicated articles without proper credit, fed into sites with loads of AdSense ads.

ETeare: Holiday theme pages that send you to a virus. Sometimes with school/libraries in the URL, so you think you're safe.

I80equipment09: Lots of spam blogs/scraper sites in conjunction with link farms for the purpose of Adsense revenue.

forestsoftware: Pages with hidden text, mainly using hidden divs that are never turned visible.

marcusbowlerhat: Single page sites for each service with all sites linking back to one main site. While main one doesn’t rank so well, individual gateway pages do.

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 andy said:
Does buying links count as spam? Otherwise those annoying newsletters that pop up and are difficult to surpress.
 Jill Whalen said:
@andy, buying links count as spam to Google (if you don't mark them as such) but they're just ads, imo.
 SEO Specialist said:
spam looking blog comments links are also working well with google rankings
 Jill Whalen said:
Not at this blog, SEO Specialist, because I remove spammy links such as yours. (Even though they're nofollowed anyway.)