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Twitter Question of the Week

January 19, 2011
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++Is there a viable alternative to Google?++

Here's how they replied:

DougFressh: Libraries and phone books?!

netmeg: For search? No. For traffic & marketing? Sure.

yankeerudy: "Not yet" for search but "most definitely" for PPC advertising.

karlribas: An alternative? No.

semdave: I like Bing a lot now. Results are improving.

Emma_Lee1: Not yet.

SebastianX: without the "www" crap. Or maybe local top-level domains (TLDs) and custom search engines powered by Google?

dsm_llc: "Alternative," yes. "Viable," not so much.

RuudHein: I have no problem with Bing. Really. Often like the look & feel of it a lot better than Google.

blinkseo: I've been using Blekko more and more. Their backlink stuff is excellent.

rehor: I've played around with Blekko. I think it needs to mature but it could develop very nicely.

aldigital: Bing is a viable search engine - no real discernible impact from using it personally.

ejwestksu: For whom? Businesses absolutely need a Google presence. But most users could still live normal internet lives with Bing, et al.

wendychamier: For search, no I don't think so, not at the moment anyway. Facebook is not all encompassing enough - Bing is coming on though!

JohnSerra: My guess: No

Rippletowave: Probably, but life's too busy to look for one.

Jill's comment: These responses explain how Google can get away with sucking all the way to the bank!

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 Tina said:
Currently in the market for a new smartphone, I 've noticed that a number of less-expensive Android phones use Bing instead of Google. So, based on the comments here, I will go get with Bing for a while and see how that is. Great comments. Thanks!
 Laurie Macomber said:
Bing no. But Google, say it isn't so. You've been giving awful answers for months now - and PLACES is taking up all the real estate previously given to organic results of real websites.
What's a searcher to do?
 Alexandra said:
Here, in Russia, Yandex - for sure. It's market share is much greater.