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Twitter Question of the Week

March 2, 2011
This week I asked my Twitter Followers:

++What're 1 or 2 main factors you feel caused massive drops in traffic to some sites w/Farmer update?++

Here's what they said:

SEOMalc: A lack of value added.

chirocentre: known content farms.

inflatemouse: Being a competitor to Demand Media or

aimclear: Formulaic SEO structure to optimize limited value content, that Google would take only a moderate financial hit by trashing.

hugoguzman: I think that Google expanded their definition of duplicate content to "near" duplicate content. Sites that had it got hit.

agileburke: Too many "similar" low value pages and a semantics penalty.

gregpayette: Greed. If you knowingly provide bad advice to make money. It's pure greed. 'bout time Google.

Jill’s Response: I’m guessing the low response on Twitter to this question was due to most of my followers not losing any of their Google traffic and/or them not having had the time to sit down and try to figure it out.

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 Malcolm (seomalc) Slade said:
What were your thoughts on the matter Jill. Xx
 Jill Whalen said:
See today's article on the Google Farmer Update Causes.