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Twitter Question of the Week

September 8, 2010
This week I asked my terrific Twitter followers:

++What's the biggest reason you've seen for SEO failure with clients?++

AlanBleiweiss: #1 reason – their failing to implement recommendations.

sandiegoseo: Lack of implementation of suggestions. They pay you for advice, then they don't use it.

RyanJones: Unclear expectations.

Fearless: They don't implement your work.

mgalecki: It's definitely lack of cooperation and involvement in the SEO process on client side.

gabs: Delays in content amends – or amends without notification – mainly structure, dup content.

scottclark: Refusal to accept that stellar content product is a requirement to rank.

ann_donnelly: Either clients not using the keyphrases in content or not wanting to work on getting incoming links.

SebastianX: Taking the wrong clients in the first place.

Jill's Response: I think SebastianX's comment sums up all the others very nicely. While failure to implement and unclear expectations are definitely the main causes for an "SEO Fail," we do typically have an inkling before we accept a client as to whether they'll actually hold up their end of the bargain. In the end, it really is our responsibility for taking them on in the first place, and the failure of SEO in these cases stands squarely on our own shoulders.

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 Mike Grover said:
To those people who say that the problem is the client not implementing your suggestions, I'd suggest that part of the problem is that you make recommendations without a perspective of what can and can't be deployed by a client's system and processes. Frankly, if it can't be implemented, it's not a valid recommendation.