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Twitter Question of the Week

February 24, 2010
To go along with today's article about small-business owners not always having enough time to properly implement SEO on their websites, I asked my Twitter followers what they would do with an extra 20 hours of time a week.

Here's what they said:

alkalar: Get reacquainted with my wife. (What's "extra time?")

catmears: 20 extra hrs a week? I'd spend some much-needed time organizing the people I follow on Twitter into more relevant groups for starters.

naominiles: Relax more, spend more time with @koldobarroso, and learn a new skill.

MichelleRobbins: Sleep. I'm behind at least that much during any given week ;)

troyredington: I would definitely write more. fatwallet blog, personal blog, guest blog, novels, poetry...anything really.

macgenie: Take more walks, play more music, do more cooking. (I hope the answer wasn't supposed to be more SEO research!)

leebrinckley: As much as I love my work, I would spend those extra hours with my family and painting.

SebastianX: I'd get funded to launch a Mahalo clone ;-)

Casieg: Write more guest posts and articles for outside sites.

forestsoftware: 20 hours of work time – more content for websites & blogs, but 20 hours leisure time – relearning my photography skills.

karl_ribas: Probably measure and analyze. I can never get enough face-time with my analytics.

diannahuff: Take time off. Cook more. Learn how to play piano. Take in a ballet performance.

LiquidWholeFood: An extra 20 hours per week? Probably work on expanding non-commercial content to help site visitors have extra help.

derekedmond: 3-way split: build out affiliate income stream, spend more time with family, get 1 more hour a day of sleep :-)

surfwebdev: More education: new technology, finances, business classes.

GavinSmithLeeds: Split 3 ways, 7 more hours of sleep, 8 hours to do my own work and 5 hours undisturbed with the better half.

ACTeeple: 20 hours a week would give me at least 1 weekend day to enjoy San Diego. I seem to be working at least a little every day.

And from the Facebook contingent:

Bonnie Parrish-Kell: Catch up on my SEO reading!

Adam John Humphreys: Go out, and actually attend some of these business meetups and tech events I'm constantly invited to.

Jill's comment: Hmm...I wonder if those who mentioned lofty pursuits outside of work would really do them. I have a feeling those 20 hours would have a magical way of disappearing just like the actual hours we DO have each week!

As for what I would do, I'm not really sure. I like to think I'd try to read more, but in reality, I'd probably just play more Scramble on Facebook ;)

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 globalspex said:
Get PPC Certified, workout more, and expand my business
 Bryce said:
Work smarter, not harder. -J.D. Rockefeller
 Roger Bauer said:
Relax & exercise much more! Can we have an extra 20 hours/day? LOL