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Twitter Question of the Week

December 2, 2009
I previously asked what people thought the hardest part of SEO was so I thought it would be appropriate to find out what people think the easiest part of SEO is!

Here's what my followers had to say...

martinbowling: The easiest part of SEO is on page optimization.

: Onpage optimization :)

idea15webdesign: I would say SEO *is* easy, it's all the sales hype, BS, and scammers that make it look difficult.

Jill: Good answer!

KevinMSpence: Easiest part: creating a strategy. Hardest part: implementing it.

Jill: Ohhh another good one!

leebrinckley: First thing to come to mind is writing SEO-friendly XHTML code.

domjbs: Easiest thing about SEO is being able to rely on hard #s from analytics.

robwatts: Easiest thing? How 'bout not using meta kw tags :)

Jill: Yeah!

And for me, I guess I'd have to say that the easiest thing would be editing existing, well-written content to be more descriptive and make better use of keyword phrases.

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 winanyway said:
Knowing what you are capable of.!
 Adam J. Humphreys said:
Easiest part of SEO is keyword research. The hardest part about SEO is inbound links from relative high ranking authorities for new sites that have none.