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Twitter Question of the Week

August 25, 2010
In writing today's article on BlindWebsititis I was looking for some catchy phrases I might be able to use, so I threw it out to my Twitter followers. The responses were interesting and in some cases very witty so I decided to make it this week's Twitter Question of the Week, even though it technically wasn't!

Here's what I asked:

What's a catchy word or phrase for when a company uses their own internal language, forgetting that the rest of the world doesn't?

SEOSEM: Egocentric.

williamvicary: Internal Terminology.

chrbutler: Industry Jargon.

leilin: Often people say that's jargon.

GuavaMarkeD: Jargon.

I80equipment09: "Corporate Speak" or "Proprietary Prose."

netmeg: Lingo? Jargon?

B3DigiGrafx: Ignorance, and remember ignorance is not stupidity, it's not easy to look from the outside in.

Rebekah_AM: Catchy? Bizwords or Slanguage maybe :)

lauracallow: Us-isms or you-isms depending on if you're in-house or consulting.

Aignam: CommunicaSHUN? Idealistic Linguistic?

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