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Twitter Question of the Week

June 29, 2011
This week I asked my Twitter followers if they had...

++Any tips for choosing keyword phrases?++

AJutah: Google Instant and news.

searchbrat: For organic? Use PPC and make sure that traffic lands on the organic page, not the PPC landing page. Biggest fail I see.

creativeonion: Look for keywords that combine highest search volume + lowest competition, Google to ensure relevancy, rinse, repeat!

macgenie: Look at your analytics reports to find potential phrases that you would never have thought of.

lauracallow: Analytics, Insights for Search, PPC, competitors.

nickleroy: Don't rely on keyword tools when determining Geo-related keywords. Check out and pick Geo's by population.

mjswebsolutions: My first approach is using Google's Autocomplete feature to type keyword phrases into Google and see what they suggest.

MichaelGrover: Internal and external search terms.

ShahMenz: Get to know the business/product as well as client does. Check comments and email from existing customers to see how they refer to product.

TheRealBoydo: Common sense is useful and often overlooked! ;)

aatishseo: Use mind to get seed keywords, tools (auto suggestion, keyword research), time to research repeatedly, belief & patience.

forestsoftware: Old fashioned but I like to talk to people that are not involved with the client to see what they would search for.

idea15webdesign: Focus on the keyword phrases for the products/services which pay your mortgage.

joshaer: I always start by asking 'What would I type into google if I wanted this?' Too many people go with proper technical terms.

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 Alex Miranda said:
Concentrate on target specific keywords. Going after high traffic keywords will not work if you have a new website. However there are many ways to rank for high traffic keywords. Whatever you do, stay away from blackhat marketing techniques