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Twitter Question of the Week

January 6, 2010
To go along with today's past decade theme I asked my Twitter followers:

++What has changed most in Search Marketing since 2000?++

Here are some of their responses with my own comments interspersed:

chris_hart: If done correctly – the ROI.

Jill: Hmm...I would have to say that the ROI was pretty darn good pre-2000 as well (if done correctly).

TonyVerre: The shift from simply drafting as much traffic as possible w/o concern, to validating traffic and focusing on conversions.

Jill: Agreed. At least in some camps.

forestsoftware: The number of people that think they can do it.

alkalar: Everyone and his grandmother thinks he's an SEO expert – and thinks he's qualified to give advice to others.

Jill: While I agree that has increased, it's always been an industry that seemed to attract that type, IMO.

derekedmond: Wow there's a lot! 1st thought: the need to adopt many diff skills (or partner w/others) – writing, code, PR, design, etc.

AlanBleiweiss: The ever-increasing breadth of it all. At what point does it reach "too much"?

Jill: Derek and Alan bring up good points, which also raises the question of what really constitutes SEO these days?

macgenie: Using Google for keyword research exclusively instead of paid services.

Jill: Yes, that's been a biggie. Actually, using so many free services in general (especially from Google) rather than paid ones has been a big switch.

ArteWorks_SEO: Social media.

Jill: I think I agree that if I had to pick one single thing, social media (as it currently exists) would be it – and more specifically Twitter.

scottclark: An increasing requirement that the clients regularly publish link-worthy content.

Jill: IMO, that's always been a huge piece of SEO (as pointed out in the companion article to this). But I agree that most are just becoming aware of it (or finally believing it).

moreSEOtips: What has changed most is just the speed at which change is happening. Must keep up w/ so much more.

SusanEsparza: What HASN'T changed?

Jill: From my point of view, tons of things have NOT changed (see the companion article). But for those who were doing SEO via different tactics than we've always done and taught at High Rankings, I can see where it would seem like everything has changed, and changed quickly.

Thanks everyone for your participation and thoughts!

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 Karen said:
The basics just haven't changed at all. If we think like a search engine and give them what they want the way they want it we're golden. Good content on an easy to use, well structured site that's relevant to the search term entered.