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Twitter Question of the Week

October 28, 2009
This week's Twitter question was:

"If/when Google turns off Toolbar PR, will you care? Why/why not?"

"No I won't because it's a pointless metric."

Matt_Siltala "I don't care now, so I won't care then!"

yankeerudy "Losing the Google Toolbar PR will make one less thing I have to waste time explaining to clients. Won't be sad at all."

chiropractic "I won't care, stopped relying on it, have seen enough sites with decreased PR increase in rankings and traffic."

JulieJoyce "I'll only care because my clients will fuss. I don't think it's useful. They do, despite our efforts."

DavidWallace "I uninstalled Google toolbar some time ago but either way, I'll be glad to see it go. So many other metrics to use."

FPMarcil "I won't care for SEO, but I do care for transparency reasons. Google should be more transparent, not less."

portentint "I will thank the gods & all that is good in the world."

AlanBleiweiss "I already don't care. 1. It's never been current. 2. PR is the wrong thing to focus on."

netmeg "No, won't care, haven't looked at it in months if not years. PR not on my radar for a long time."

SebastianX "Since a while now I enjoy surfing with Chrome that totally lacks green pixel entertainment. I certainly don't miss visible TBPR."

brettpringle "Can't wait for Google to turn off TBPR, good riddance :)"

davematson "Not a big deal, but will miss the small comfort in seeing even a PR1 on my sites."

"No I won't care. It's no substitute for proper analysis. Toolbars too easily cluttered with add-ons anyway. Dislike 'em."

Interestingly enough, and unlike most of my colleagues who tweeted, I will actually miss the little green bar if and when it goes. Surprised? My reason is that, while it's not a good indication of actual PageRank, it can sometimes point out site architecture problems on websites. You do have to take it with a grain of salt, but it's a starting point of something to look at when a particular page of a site isn't getting indexed at all.

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