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Twitter Question of the Week

August 11, 2010
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

What's your best use of social media?

Here's what they said:

macgenie: Connecting with individual customers on a personal level. I love interacting on Twitter with users.

bradleyhunt: I use it as a ticker for industry news and events; like a real-time rss.

t_jones: To do Social Networking – having a conversation – e.g., replying to a tweet such as #tqw.

CarlaWaco: Just keeping up with changes in technology by reading articles people thoughtfully post.

JTPotts: Unfortunately it's limited to a basic Facebook page nobody updates, but I'm trying to change that!

RuudHein: #1 social contact (I'm at a home office), #2 networking, #3 sharing (links but also movies or watching NFL).

AchooAllergy: Best use of SM: Our Facebook contests have been the most successful for getting the word out about our company.

netmeg: Self edumacation and entertaining the masses.

I80equipment09: Twitter has been the most successful for SM, advertising our trucks, learning A LOT from people, connections, links, etc.

MichelleRobbins: Staying in touch with peeps, helping out where I can, keeping sarcasm alive and well.