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Twitter Question of the Week

July 13, 2011
To go along with this week's article on blog categories and tags, I asked my Twitter followers:

++What's your best use of blog categories and tags?++

Here's how they responded:

sambeamond: Don't have too many, keep them focused.

TimDineen: I have recommended against putting thought and weight to them. Cat/Tag pages don't rank, but could be a minor keyword-related signal.

Little_Sandbox: I structure my permalinks based on my categories, aside from that, I try to be concise.

forestsoftware: I use them to group posts together (SEO, Business, Computers, Marketing, etc.) -- not too many different ones either.

TheRealBoydo: Use tags to effectively map related posts to improve internal linking and bounce rate.

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 jonathan scott said:
A competition please. Who can rank highest for 'uncategorized'? Only 569 million competing pages :-)