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Twitter Question of the Week

June 15, 2011
To go along with this week's SEO article on who keeps spreading the silly SEO stupidity, I asked my Twitter (and Facebook) followers:

++What Bad SEO Advice Have You Heard Lately?++

Here's what they said:

debbiemahler: Bad SEO advice 1 of our clients heard from an SEO company: The only way to rank is by using Google AdWords.

kenjansen: Just point all your unused domain names here. Oh, and such and such company can get 2000 backlinks for $49 a month.

DeKoning: Bad advice: that meta keywords affect SERPs (search engine results pages).

DiannaHuff: If you click on your own Google listing, you'll get a higher ranking. I still hear that one.

Emma_Lee1: You need to update your blogs at least daily.

John Tully: "SEO isn't worth the bother anymore" from a guy selling ads on the AT&T ad network!"

Nickihicks: More like client misconception but... "Someone told me it was OK to post positive local reviews for myself online."

Kevinjgallagher: That social links affect local listings rankings. True story.

idea15webdesign: Had a client whose web firm told them to put in 25 keywords per web page.

searchingworks: Buy lots of keyword-rich domains and then either a) do nothing, or b) fill it with content copied from the main site.

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 Alex Miranda said:
A Ustream web show host said: "Change the title of your blog post once a month so that you could rank for multiple keywords from the same post." I actually watched the person say that and was flabbergasted!..At the end everyone was saying what great advice they got and how they would implement it immediately> I should have cut in and stopped it but did not want to embarrass this person. Now I feel Iet so many people down :(
 Jill Whalen said:
Wow, that's a new one. Thanks for sharing, Alex!
 John Nickson said:
I really laughed when i read some of the tweets.
Obviously coming from people who has no clue on SEO :P
 Steve said:
lol this rocks!

Worst stories I have heard recently (slightly off-topic):

* Agency signs up client, does nothing, charges, sues customer for trying to leave.
* Agency keeps changing anchor text on links they build to game BS keyword ranking reports.

 Debra Torres said:
Jill, do you reccommend any kind of submission to the search engines? Sometimes it seems to take so long for a site that's optimized well to be crawled. Okay, maybe I can be a bit impatient with this. But once I had to wait over 2 weeks for a site I wrote to see any changes in Google. When you've got a client breathing down your neck, it can be hard.
 Jill Whalen said:
@Debra, no submitting to the search engines is just a waste of time. You can certainly do it if it makes you feel proactive, but it won't speed things up in the least.

The best way to get something indexed is to post it to a WordPress blog. The pinging seems to get stuff indexed almost immediately. Tweeting stuff also helps, at least if you have an account that is somewhat authoritative.
 Lauren Sorensen said:
My favorite one is to buy a bunch of keyword-rich domain names and redirect them to the main site. Duh!