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Twitter Question of the Week

June 1, 2011

To go along with this Google AdWords bidding on competitor's question, I asked my Twitter followers:

++Do you recommend bidding on competitors' brand keywords in your paid search campaigns?++

Here's what they said:

Bradleyhunt: Nope. Those terms have strong navigational intent and I don't like getting into bidding wars over branded search terms.

domjbs: Totally up to the advertiser. Have seen it make $ and seen it waste tons of corporate time dealing with firestorms.

sambeamond: Yes, because you have the chance to pull customers from them, and secondly it helps drive up their search costs.

JamesMio: Yes, as long as the ads are targeting products or services that users are expecting to find at your competition, why not?

SEOMalc: Yes. Benefits outweigh the negatives in most cases. Only real issue can come from hyper-sensitive brands biting back.

sriarpit: Sometimes competitor brand keyword are of generic nature and are targeted, hence critical in that case that we should bid.

kevinjgallagher: No, as I'm sure the bounce rate would be higher if the searcher is looking for the brand. If it's Nike trainers then that's different.

benhuson: Commercially it makes sense to bid on competitor's brand. Ethically/legally could be seen as 'passing off.'

carolinarustica: Bidding on competitors' keywords is driven by ego not e-commerce. I'd like to see analytics showing otherwise, though.

GrpTwentySeven: I do, but depends on the client. Some opt for it and some think it's not a good idea. It has its benefits. Worth a test.

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