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Twitter Question of the Week

May 18, 2011
To go along with this week's Twitter usage article, I asked my Twitter followers:

++What creative, interesting, unique or crazy thing have you used Twitter for recently?++

Matt_Siltala: My 8 yr old had a "crowd-sourcing" project and I decided to be lazy and use Twitter for him. Got info I needed in 60 sec.

davidmalmborg: @scottcowley single-handedly spearheaded a citywide fitness competition: Fitness Battle Royal Utah #FBRUT.

suenolff: Am I alone when I say I go to Twitter first for recently breaking news?

pdxdirect: I always use Twitter for breaking news, too – and follow stories. And Twitter is usually entertaining.

vturco: Got a job interview monitoring CEO's tweets. Found opportunity to add value to company to open new markets.

macgenie: We get promo codes from developers of iOS apps that have @TextExpander touch support, give them away on Twitter, win-win!

b2bcommunicate: Let's see – @diannahuff and I made some *ahem* OBSERVATIONS about @homedepot product quality (we were ignored).

AshleyHin: I used Twitter to share info about an event hosted by @ManchesterYPN. :)

nickleroy: I found out the availability of a certain beer at a liquor store near me.

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