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Templated Content on Multiple Pages

April 10, 2013

Image Credit: Keelhaul Doug
I have been reading your newsletter for I bet 10 years now and you have given me some advice along the way. My two hotel websites have been very successful.

We have just merged with a big hotel chain and in converting the website over we have to add this phrase on all pages.

"Big Hotel Chain is a registered trademark licensed to Big Hotel Realty Affiliates. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated."

My question is, will this line affect our current ranking? I know you don't like to talk about rankings, but these websites do very well when looking for our keyword phrases. My current web person is taking a step away from the website and working at a local college, so she is not keeping up with the latest trends.



++Jill's Response++

Hi Carl,

Unlike the other duplicate content questions, what you're talking about is what I would call "templated content." That is, content that becomes part of your global template and is on every page of your site. Every site has some aspects that are reproduced on every page, such as the main navigation or the copyright notice in the footer.

You can rest assured that Google understands boilerplate stuff because it's very common. They know how to ignore all that as necessary and not let it hurt (or in come cases help) when trying to determine relevancy.

So no, it should not have any affect on your current rankings or targeted search engine traffic.



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 William Rock said:
Great Answer.. I would also add you can turn it into a graphic if you are really worried..