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Jillís SEO Tele-clinics Update

April 4, 2007

Speaking of polls and surveys, weíve also been surveying the folks whoíve
taken me up on my introductory 15-minute tele-clinic offer. Since first
announced, Iíve done 31 of these. As you may recall, the purpose of the SEO
tele-clinics was to enable me to provide some level of SEO advice to small
business owners who canít afford my typical SEO services. I set the price
at $150 for 15 minutes of telephone time for looking at the site in question
and giving my impressions and advice on how to make it the best it can be
for search engines and users. I also answer any specific questions that we
have time for.


Curious as to how itís been going? Hereís the scoop so farÖ

At first, we scheduled a whole pile of them all in one day. That was
definitely one of the craziest days of my life! After that, we decided to
spread them out over the week and offer only 2-3 per day max. Thatís been
waaaaaaay better and very manageable for me. You may also recall that I
felt I was spending too much time scheduling the appointments, which was
making them not really worth my time to do. I solved that problem when I
found a sweet little program from Acuity Scheduling.


Now, you can schedule and pay for your tele-clinic without my involvement.
We both get sent the appointment time, plus a reminder email, and I even
have the appointment feed go straight to my iCal-based calendar program!
The folks at Acuity have been great at tweaking things here and there so
that it works for my needs, which has been a huge plus. Itís funny because
I looked at more expensive programs, but decided to try this one first
because it just seemed so simple and inexpensive.


With the scheduling taken care of, I feel like Iíve been doing a much better
job overall on the actual phone consultations as well. I usually give the
site a quick looksee a few minutes before the scheduled appointment time,
which helps me familiarize myself with what is going on.


According to my survey results from those who had a tele-clinic consultation
with me, 81.8% of them felt that overall the tele-clinic was worthwhile to
them. Thatís enough for me to continue doing them for awhile. Iím also
going to keep them at the current $150 price for the time being, as 40.9%
felt that cost was just about right. (22.7% felt they were worth less than
$150, 4.5% thought they were worth $175, 9.1% thought they were worth $200,
and 13.6% thought they were worth $250.)


If youíre a small business looking to get a jump start on your SEO, you can
sign up for your 15-minute $150 tele-clinic with me here. Please donít sign up if
youíre a large business that really can afford a more in-depth consultation,
or if you have more SEO questions or issues than can fit into 15 minutes. I
really want to save these time slots for those who can benefit from them the
most. You larger companies can use the form to sign up for the 1-hour
phone consultation that comes with a few hours of advanced research.