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March 26, 2013
A WhalenismI kept seeing all those crazy inspirational cat photo quotes on Facebook and thought, "What the world really needs is inspirational SEO quotes (from me)!" So I took an hour out of last week and slapped up a new site called "Whalenisms," where I take whatever vacation photos I can find that look pretty and layer on top a quote from one of my SEO articles.

I'm finding it a fun diversion, but so far I can't tell if people are annoyed by them or enjoy them. It's sort of a test to see how images and quotes of this sort may (or may not) work for a business like mine. At the moment, the jury is still out!

But please visit and feel free to share the images on whatever social media channels you're on. And if you happen to see my posts, like them, share them, plus them or whatever if you're so inclined!