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Submitting to Google or a Sitemap?

September 25, 2007
Hello Jill,
I submitted our website sitemap to Google a while back, but I was reading a
forum this morning where somebody was saying you have to submit every page
to Google.
What is the real procedure and are sitemaps important?
Warmest regards,

++Jill's Response++

Hi Erika,

Neither submitting your pages nor your sitemap is important.  Google finds
and indexes your pages through other links. So as long as your site is linked
from some other sites, it will find yours and eventually index it.  Then as
long as your inner pages are linked to from your navigation in a
search-engine-friendly manner, Google will eventually find those as well.  

Please note that the more links pointing to your pages, the easier it is for
Google to find them, and the more weight they will be given in the relevancy

Hope this helps!