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Standard SEO Site Audit Consultation

Update November 2013: Jill is no longer taking on any new SEO clients.

Due to their popularity and the personalized attention Jill gives to each of these audits, the turnaround time is currently 4-6 weeks. (New: If you're willing to forgo a written report, in some cases we may be able to do a screen-share session only, within 3 weeks.)

Whether you're facing a major Google traffic loss due to recent updates or just want to know how to optimize your site better, the High Rankings Standard SEO Consultation provides you with an in-depth review of your website using our proprietary SEO Checklist.  We uncover the technical SEO problem spots (and recommend how to fix them), delve into site architecture issues, and provide link building and social media marketing suggestions which will help increase your link popularity.

While every site is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses, some of the items we look at in our site audits include:

  • How the pages of your website are viewed by search engines.
  • The crawlability of your website’s navigation.
  • The indexation of the pages of your website.
  • The types of keyword phrases being targeted.
  • HTML tagging and code.
  • The use of additional domains.
  • Duplicate content issues.
  • Internal linking through text and image links.
  • Content issues.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Site architecture considerations.
  • Google Places Pages for local search.
  • 404-error pages.
  • Your Google Analytics
  • Your Google Webmaster Tools
  • Linking and Social Media Review

We deliver the information to you in the form of a written report and also provide you with a 1-hour phone consultation scheduled at your convenience

As with all of our SEO consultations, we are happy to answer any nagging SEO questions that you have both in the report and in the phone conversation.

Request more info now.