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Spammy Inbound Links

August 14, 2013

Dear Jill,
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From Google analytics and Webmaster Tools we have had a number of spammy inbound links identified.  How do we get rid of them?


++Jill's Response++

Hi William,

I've always maintained that if you haven't received an "unnatural links warning" from Google (via your Webmaster Tools Account) then there's no need to get rid of the bad links. Google is most likely ignoring them.

Still, if it makes you feel better to "remove" them. You can do so using the Disavow Tool provided in Webmaster Tools.

If you're having trouble with your Google traffic due to a Panda or Penguin update and didn't receive a notice of a manual penalty, I'd recommend spending your time on fixing the likely on-page issues that you probably have in addition to the spammy links. You should of course stop paying for unnatural links, but removing duplicate content, unstuffing keywords in Title tags and content will most likely be more helpful than submitting a list of links to disavow. And moving forward, it will be important to create valuable content so that you can start receiving natural links from relevant websites.



Jill Whalen has been an SEO Consultant and the CEO of Jill Whalen High Rankings, a Boston area SEO Company since 1995. Follow her on Twitter @JillWhalen

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 David Leonhardt said:
If you know the links are spammy, I would get rid of them. I have no data to back this up, just a sixth sense after working with a few websites that have gotten the letter and a few that have not. It appears to me that it's like falling into a well. Google only has a three foot wall to push you over, but once you are in, you have a 50-foot wall to scale to get out.

In this case, an ounce of prevention could be worth more than a pound of cure.
 Glenn said:
@David I'm on the other side of this wall and it's not any easy task to get back, let me tell you!! I've already gone through 6 reconsideration requests and each time Google return with 2 examples..2 examples!! I have 21k inbound links. I'm almost resigned to the fact that I will need to disavow everything apart from some hand picked links I can 100% verify authenticity. Otherwise at this rate it will take the rest of my natural like to knock out those dodgy links a few at a time.
 Linda said:
This is only something that I've become aware of recently. As a website owner, with only basic SEO knowledge this article is helpful as I'm been panicking a bit about the changes. Thanks.