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About High Rankings Premium SEO Site Audit Report

Our Premium SEO website audit is customized, in-depth analysis of your website by the High Rankings team of industry experts. We take an objective look at your website and provide clear and concise information on how to make your site better for your visitors as well as the search engines.


We uncover solutions to nagging problems you've had with your website, and provide clearly written recommendations on how to fix them as soon as you’d like.


Our years of experience allow us to take a holistic view of your site while focusing on three key pages of your choice as our primary focus.


What you get:

  • First and foremost, you receive answers! Your audit includes answers to your specific questions regarding your website and the problems you have been having  in attracting search engine traffic to it.
  • Search engine optimization review for technical and site architecture problems.  This includes examples of powerful alternatives to the site’s current Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.  
  • Comprehensive SEO copywriting and content review. Our copywriting experts provide suggestions on how you can make a better emotional connection with your site visitors.
  • Extensive usability review. People have a major goal to accomplish when visiting your site, whether it be making a purchase, filling out a contact form or signing up for a newsletter. We will document our travels through your site and clue you in to issues visitors may encounter while visiting it.
  • Social Media Marketing Review. We will review what you're currently doing in the social media space (if anything) and provide suggestions on how to best utilize Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other relevant social sites to market your brand.
  • One hour phone consulting time. You can use your phone time in a number of different ways.  You can use it to review the report in detail. Or you can implement some changes and we can review what you’ve done. You can also split up your call into two half-hour sessions so that you have the benefit of “before” and “after” consultation.
  • Jill Whalen’s "Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines" Handbook.

Our Website Audit Process


Although each website audit is typically comprised of the same elements, each website has different audiences to attract and challenges to overcome. That’s why we start with your knowledge first.


We’ll ask you specific questions regarding your target market and your business to better understand your overall goals. Once we are better educated as to what your company is all about and the purpose and goals of your website, our team of experts are unleashed!


Working together our experts will provide you with a completed audit within four to six weeks from contract signing.


Contact us now for more info or to schedule your SEO site audit review.