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SEO Consequences to Adding a Sharing Button

May 14, 2008
Hi Jill,

While this question may not be directly SEO-related, I'm wondering if there might be any negative SEO implications to including a social bookmarking and sharing button to the more popular pages on our website to leverage some of the popularity of social networking?

The button allows people to easily bookmark and share our pages in the most popular bookmarking sites such as "," "Facebook" and "Digg."


++Jill's Response++

Hi, Richard,

I certainly can't think of any SEO-related consequences to adding this sort of button to your pages. Those types of buttons are generally just some lines of JavaScript that you add to your source code. Because JavaScript is basically ignored by the search engines, they'll just skip right over it.

[As an aside to Advisor readers, when I sent the above to Richard, he told me that someone had informed him that there might be a problem with so many outgoing links to other websites, which is why he was asking the question. I did look at the code, and the links were in JavaScript, so they are not considered to be actual links to the social media sites. However, even if they were direct links, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having as many links as you want to other sites.]


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 Kathy said:
I'm not positive if this would be relating to the same thing in this post or not? I recently read on a blog a scenario that was questioning the fact that on some newer browsers there was a third party cookie warning that shows in the status bar. I won't repeat the entire post but it was mentioning visitor behavior due to that and seo impact, etc. I don't want to include the link to that post since I don't know if that would be considered spamming or not and definitely don't want to do that. Will say that the name starts with a J and ends in an o. The person is well known in the affiliate world.:)

The little bookmark the post was referring to I believe was javascript as well.
 Jill said:
Hi Kathy,

I'm not familiar with the situation you're talking about, but from what you've said, yes, I would imagine that people getting messages in their browser about 3rd party cookies being set could certainly have a negative impact on your website.

I would highly suggest not allowing 3rd party cookies to be set, or certainly not making them a requirement unless absolutely necessary.

 chris tucker said:
I have added the add this button to some myspace pages w/o any problems