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Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines

2008 Edition


To successfully rank highly in the search engines, the words on your Web pages shouldNitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines never be an afterthought but a major investment in your search engine optimization campaign.

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Learn where to place keyword phrases in your Web copy.


Whether you're writing keyword-rich marketing copy from scratch or simply changing the keyword focus of your existing copy, it's not always easy to know where to place those pesky keywords so that they don't interrupt the flow of your writing. Through our years of teaching copywriters how to write with keywords in mind and our own editing of keyword-rich copy, we've discovered some very simple but effective techniques.


The purpose of this SEO copywriting handbook is to show you how and where to place your most important keyword phrases within the visible text copy of your Web pages. There are three main groups of people who will greatly benefit from understanding these techniques:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) consultants who need to edit the existing copy of their clients' sites as a matter of course.
  2. Webmasters and small business owners who are doing their own site optimization.
  3. Professional copywriters who want to expand their writing services to include search engine optimization copywriting.

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Purchase from ClickBank for $49.
(Plus VAT where applicable)