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In-house SEO Consulting Workshops for Your Team

Update November 2013: Jill is no longer taking on any new SEO clients.

Are your in-house marketing, IT and content writing teams up to speed with search engine optimization? Do they know and understand how to apply the SEO knowledge they have to your company website?

Jill Whalen offers custom in-house SEO consulting and training for qualified clients, at your office.

  • Your IT team will learn what technical fixes need to be implemented.
  • Your copywriters will learn how to write for your target audience while keeping the search engines in mind.
  • Your marketing team will learn how to find the keyword phrases people are using at the search engines to find services and products such as yours. 
  • Everyone will learn the proper ways of measuring SEO success.
In order to customize and create the most valuable SEO workshop for your team, we must first spend time researching and reviewing your website(s). This allows us to get to know your company, its products/services and target market while incorporating this knowledge into our training program and presentation for your team.

All of our in-house trainings are adapted to whatever level of SEO knowledge your team currently possesses. From beginner to intermediate to advanced--we will put together a training day that will impart the exact level of knowledge they need.

Have as many people from your company at the training day that you'd like. You can even video and/or livestream the event for those who may not be able to attend.

Contact us now to plan a customized day of SEO training for your team.

This type of SEO training is generally for medium-larger sized companies who have a number of people that touch the website in some way.  Smaller companies may want to look into our online SEO course at

Jill, I had wanted to send a note right after the class last Thursday. You did a great job. The staff members found it really valuable.
Denise Serafini
Director of eBusiness, Knights of Columbus

Jill Whalen and her team from High Rankings spent the day at the magazine teaching our editorial team the fundamentals of search engine optimization and SEO copywriting. Her seminar was thought provoking and made it clear that the object was to get the magazine more widely read---not to turn our editorial content into search engine mush. The team had a much better sense of how SEO works after Jillís seminar, and many were eager to apply her techniques to their copy right away. A good way to get the editors into the SEO game!
Susan Hassler
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Spectrum Magazine