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SEO Services to Gain You a Positive ROI

Update November 2013: Jill is no longer taking on any new SEO clients.

Budgeting for an SEO consultant is an investment in the ultimate success of your website and your business. Do you really want to trust that to just anyone? With more than 18 years of SEO consulting expertise, Jill Whalen is committed to delivering the most for your search marketing dollar.

As our clients attest, all of our SEO services will help your company succeed online. Click through our various SEO options below, then contact Jill today so that she can help you decide which SEO service is right for you and your company.

In-house SEO Consulting Workshops for Your Team

The most effective way to get your in-house online marketing team up to speed with best SEO practices is to get them all together and teach them exactly why they need SEO and how to do it effectively and correctly. This SEO consulting directly from Jill Whalen of High Rankings will do exactly that! Read More >>

Standard SEO Site Audit Consultation

This is our most recommended and requested SEO site audit. Whether you've lost organic search engine traffic due to a Google update, or just haven't paid much attention to your website for awhile, you'll receive tons of value from our Standard Site Audit and Consultation. Jill will spend time strategically reviewing your website, your Google Analytics, your Webmaster Tools account and your external backlinks to pinpoint the issues that are likely effecting your bottom line. She'll lay it all out in easy to understand language while providing recommendations on what needs to be done to get your website back on track. Read More >>

B2B SEO Website Review

Often, it takes only minor adjustments to your website to have a positive impact on the bottom line of your B2B website. Learn which tweaks will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.


Premium SEO Website Audit

High Rankings Premium SEO Website Audit provides you with the expert SEO answers you're seeking. Whether your problems stem from technical issues, copywriting issues, usability concerns, keyword research woes, or something else entirely, this SEO service will get to the bottom of it, and provide you with a roadmap for how to continue with your SEO campaign. Read More >>

High Rankings 15-Min. SEO Teleclinic

Looking for low cost SEO services? Schedule a quick, 15-minute teleclinic with High Rankings. Read More >>

Website Redesign SEO Consultation

The best time for SEO is during the redesign phase of your website. If you're contemplating a website redesign and are worried about messing up your current high rankings in the process, our Website Redesign SEO Consultation is for you. Read More >>

SEO Expert Witness

Now that SEO has become more popular, it's also more complicated. If you're an attorney with a client that has an issue with their SEO company, or any other legal SEO problem, you've come to the right place for help. Read More >>

Organic SEO Website Marketing Class

Looking for personalized in-depth organic SEO training amongst your peers? High Rankings offers a 1-day customized SEO training class in various locations and dates throughout the year. Read More >>