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Let Jill Kick-start Your SEO

February 14, 2007

In a conversation with my Director of Marketing the other day (yes, I really
do have one!), we were lamenting the fact that we have to turn down so many
leads because they are small businesses who canít afford our services.  Iíve
been lucky enough to be able to work with larger companies for many years,
and of course I charge accordingly.  Iíve kept a clear conscience about this
due to the fact that I give out plenty of free advice here and in the forum
every day. But I do have a soft spot in my heart for the little guy, as Iím
one myself, plus itís where my roots are.  Something was telling me that
there must be a way I could work with small businesses without eating too
much of MY time or THEIR money.


HmmÖwhat to do, what to doÖ?


This morning, I came up with the answer! I donít know if it will be of
interest to anyone or if it will even sell, but I figured the only way to
know was to try it.  And since you newsletter readers are my biggest
supporters, I thought Iíd announce the service here and make it available
only to HRA subscribers.


So here goesÖ


Announcing the high-value/low-cost ďHigh Rankings Tele-clinics.Ē

What you get:


Fifteen minutes on the phone with me reviewing your website and providing
you with the information you need to make it the best it can be for your
site visitors and the search engines.


The information provided may include any or all of the following, depending
on your siteís particular needs and how quickly I can spit it all out to


* Keyword phrase ideas
* Title tag suggestions
* Meta description tag suggestions
* Copywriting recommendations
* Technical issues and how you might fix them
* Site architecture issues
* Usability concerns
* Linking ideas

Öand whatever else you want to ask about.


I canít guarantee that Iíll have all the answers; however, having done this
for so long, I have a knack for looking at a site and knowing very quickly
where the areas of concern are.  Itís certainly not going to be as
comprehensive as my $1,200 high-level phone consultation where I research
your site beforehand for many hours.  Nor anywhere near the level of
sophistication of my $5,000 site audit report.  But it should be enough to
kick-start your SEO and point you in the right direction.  You will most
certainly receive a few nuggets of information about your site that you
wouldnít have otherwise thought about or known.


So whatís the price?


I was thinking $300 would be just about right, but in order to test it out,
Iím cutting that in half and am offering the Tele-clinics for only $150 a
shot!  I truly believe that price should be affordable for any small
business with a website.  Youíre welcome to have your webmaster, copywriter,
or anyone else on the call with you.


Thatís pretty much it.  Iíll be putting some sort of order form and maybe a
schedule on my site as soon as I can, but in the meantime, please email me
at tele-clinic AT if you want to schedule an appointment
for your High Rankings Tele-clinic.  Iíve got limited time for these and I
expect the available appointments will fill up fast, so let me know ASAP!
Payment will need to be made in advance via PayPal.  (Or I can process your
credit card via my merchant account.)


Iíll let you know in a few weeks how this plays out!