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SEO Articles by Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings

Below you will find a collection of out High Rankings classic SEO marketing articles, which have been written and updated since 2000. For additional, new articles, please see our High Rankings Advisor articles and the SEO Article archive.

All About Title Tags

January 24, 2012
In this article we'll drill into one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings, the title tag. Read More >>

The Meta Description Tag

November 16, 2011
The keywords and phrases you use in your Meta description tag don't affect your page's ranking in the search engines (for the most part), but this tag can still come in handy in your overall SEO campaigns. Read More >>

The Evolution of a Search Marketer by Jill Whalen

April 28, 2010
In this article, Jill looks at the stages people go through in their quest for SEO marketing knowledge. Read More >>

Setting Realistic SEO Expectations

December 17, 2008
In 2005, when I originally wrote this article, I thought by the time 2009 approached, things would have changed. Yet many businesses continue to have unrealistic expectations of what SEO marketing is all about. Read More >>

Ten Tips to the Top of the Search Engines

September 5, 2008
Having a Web site that gets found in Google and the other engines isn't hard to do, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. This article provides you with 10 tips to get you started on SEO marketing. Read More >>

Revisited: The Art of SEO

August 28, 2007
Jill explains why good SEO marketing should never be done using formulas. Read More >>

Why Do Sphinners Love SEO Nerds but Hate Pregnancy?

August 7, 2007
Jill takes a look at Danny Sullivan's Digg-like community for the Search Marketing Industry and is surprised to actually like it! Read More >>

10 Blogger Types: The Good, the Bad, and the Sleazy

July 25, 2007
Breaking an SEO news story certainly creates a stir in the blogosphere. But are all blog mentions good ones? Read More >>

Getting Into Google - New Unavailable_after Tag and More!

July 11, 2007
Last night was our third SEMNE event (Search Engine Marketing New England), and we were humbled to have Dan Crow, director of crawl systems at Google, spilling the beans about how to get your site into Google. Read More >>

Buying Text Links

February 1, 2006
Jill discusses buying text links, and whether it's good or bad for your SEO marketing campaigns. Read More >>

No Quick Fixes Where Search Engine Optimization is Concerned

January 6, 2006
Changing or adding Meta tags on your site is neither a quick fix nor a slow fix. It won't fix anything and it won't have any effect on your search engine traffic. Read More >>

SEO and the Zen Factor

April 7, 2005
This article may not seem to have anything to do with SEO marketing at first, but bear with it...there is a connection! Read More >>

Link Popularity

August 14, 2004
For years, "link popularity" and "Google PageRank" have been the talk of the town in the search engine optimization community. However, the definition of link popularity and how it differs from PageRank (PR), as well as how much effect these actually have on search engine rankings, is often misunderstood. Read More >>

Common Sense Search Engine Optimization

July 17, 2004
Like many things in life, creating great Web sites that rank high in the search engines is a matter of common sense. Learn why algorithm cracking schemes and cutting edge technology on your Web site can do more harm than good. Read More >>

What it Means To Be a Search Engine Marketing Professional

May 24, 2004
What makes any given SEO marketing technique ethical or unethical? Isn't ethics more of a way of life than a method for doing something? Is trying to trick the search engines really unethical? What we should instead be discussing is which companies are professional SEO and which are just out for a buck. Read More >>

Can Meta tags such as the keyword tag bring High Rankings to my site?

November 12, 2001
Have you obsessed over the meta keyword tag? Worry no longer! Read More >>

Letting Your Search Engine Optimization Expert Do Their Job

May 2, 2007
Sometimes you need an expert. When that time comes, choose someone you have the utmost faith in, and then sit back and let them get to work. Read More >>

Search Engine Optimization and the Bottom-Line

May 30, 2004
For many companies, good search engine rankings can actually make or break a business. Jill shows how three companies found success through SEO marketing. Read More >>