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Search Engine Marketing Organization for New England (SEMNE)

November 29, 2006

In the last newsletter I hinted about this, but now we're just about ready
for prime time!  What my SEMNE partner Pauline and I have been working on is
a brand-new networking organization for people in the New England area who
are interested in the search marketing industry.  It's for like-minded
individuals who want to get out every now and then to exchange information
and ideas, as well as to learn from and network with their peers.  SEMNE is
not like a big SES conference, nor is it anything like a national
organization such as SEMPO.  It's for business owners, agency folks,
client-side marketing professionals, web developers, and anyone else
interested in search marketing who want to get together in person on a
regular basis.

You can learn more at the SEMNE website.  (It's still a work in progress so be kind!)

We plan to have meetings every other month in the evening at various
locations throughout New England.  During those meetings we'll have an
official topic and speaker who is an expert in the search marketing
industry.  And the months in between we'll have socials at local
establishments around New England.

SEMNE is a membership-driven organization, and members will have free
admission to all the meetings, but non-members are welcome also.  We are
tentatively planning our first event for the evening of March 6th, 2007, and
will have more info on that in the upcoming weeks.  Please sign up for email
alerts to keep abreast of our meeting calendar as well as the topics and
speakers.  You can reach the SEMNE alerts page to sign up directly.

We are on the lookout for great topics and speakers, as well as companies
who would like to sponsor an event -- or 2 or 3!  Please email us at SEMNE at

SEMNE dot org if you have any questions or are interested in sponsorship
information.  I am really excited about this and am looking forward to
getting out of my jammies once a month to hang with others who love talking
about SEO and SEM!  - Jill