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Questions about High Rankings® Search Marketing Seminar

August 30, 2006

The following is an email exchange I had with someone who was wondering
whether he would benefit from attending our High Rankings® Search Marketing
Seminar in Dallas on Oct. 19-20, 2006

Normally I wouldn't post this type of seemingly self-promotional stuff here
in the newsletter, but I feel that others will benefit from my answer.
(Plus, I really couldn't find any decent SEO questions that I haven't
answered a million times before!) - Jill

++Questions about High Rankings® Search Marketing Seminar++

Hey Jill - I've been reading and enjoying your newsletter, website and
forums for some time. Now I'm considering attending the seminar in October
down in TX.

Could you tell me about the general skill level of past attendees at your
seminars? I've read the details on your site and looked through your list of
"Who should attend" but still have some confusion. I've been working with
SEO/SEM for years now, attended the last 4 SES conferences in NYC and have
been through 2 years of Bruce Clay's SEOToolSet training. (My company is
also a Bruce Clay client for the past 3 years.)

In other words, would I still get value from your seminar despite a
relatively high level of understanding and experience in SEO? I don't mean
to sound arrogant by any means; in fact I'm a sponge. So even if I only
picked up a couple of new tips and techniques it would be worthwhile...but
given the small number of specific class choices I want to be sure the level
of information being taught is somewhere above "SEO 101."

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated (or at least a link to your forum
where this question has already been addressed).



++Jill's Response++

Hey Brandon,

I generally consider the skill level for the seminars to be anywhere from
beginner, moving up toward advanced-intermediate.  In our early seminars, we
had mostly beginners, but now that SEO/SEM is so much more mainstream, we
tend to get a wider and often more experienced audience.  I would say that
the skill level at our last seminar was the highest it's ever been.  The
good thing is that all of the speakers are able to gauge the audience's
level of understanding fairly quickly, and they can adjust their
presentations accordingly.

I'm sure you've learned a lot from Bruce Clay's info; however, at High
Rankings®, we are extremely different in our processes and methods from Bruce
Clay.  In fact, we're probably as opposite as you can be.  So, I would
imagine you would have the potential to learn plenty of different ways of
doing things.  We are not about the numbers like BC is.  In other words, we
don't look at keyword density, character length of titles, or anything like
that. We don't find those things to be helpful in the larger scheme of

Instead, we provide you with a start-to-finish approach for designing a
website that is built from the ground up with the search engines and your
users in mind.  We never recommend anything for any site that doesn't first
think about how a potential user of the site would see it.  This is a very
different approach from what most SEOs use, but all of our seminar
presenters work this way and have for many years.  The great thing about our
seminar that is different from most conferences is that each of our
speakers' presentations build upon the previous ones; you won't get confused
by conflicting information.

So, without really knowing exactly what you know now and what you're hoping
to learn, I really can't tell you whether you'd find this seminar helpful to
you.  I do know that you'd learn an excellent process for SEO that works
each and every time if you implement it correctly!  You won't learn any
tricks or quick fixes, however...only stuff that takes a lot of time and
work to do right.

Hope this helps!