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Search Friendly Design

Wondering how to design your site in a search engine friendly manner? That is--in a way that the search engine crawlers/spiders don't choke? These search friendly design articles will surely help! Find all of our SEO/SEM newsletter articles relating to designing a crawler friendly site below. To receive new articles by email, subscribe to the High Rankings Advisor now.

Jill's Random Website Marketing Thoughts

October 9, 2013
I had a few interesting topics to write about this week, but none of them seemed meaty enough to spawn a full-fledged article on their own. So I decided to throw them all out there with a little bit of commentary to go with them. I hope some of them resonate with you! Read More >>

How to Do SEO for Now and Forever

September 25, 2013
While it's easy to say what SEO isn't, it's a lot harder to pin down exactly what SEO is these days. On the other hand, SEO is still the same thing I said it was when I first started writing about it over a decade ago -- that is, making your website the best it can be both for people and search engines. Read More >>

How Your Site Architecture and Website Navigation Affect SEO

September 11, 2013
As discussed in my last article about technical SEO issues, it's crucial to be sure that you have no server errors on your site. But there are other technical issues that relate to your website navigation and how you set up your overall site architecture. Read More >>

Technical SEO Issues

August 28, 2013
While uncovering and fixing technical issues has always been an important part of SEO, in the wake of Panda and Penguin, technical SEO has moved closer to the forefront. You may have thought that the better Google gets, the less effect technical problems would have on SEO -- I know I did. But in fact, it has been the opposite. Read More >>

Google Penalties For Sites That Aren't Optimized For Mobile

August 14, 2013
Will Google rank a site poorly if it is not optimized for mobile devices?   Read More >>

Low Quality Pages: Redirects or 404s?

August 14, 2013
Should we 301-redirect 10,000 of low-quality pages to a single page or delete them entirely? Read More >>

Best Web Design Programs

August 14, 2013
What are the top two or three web design programs you would recommend? Read More >>

The Ole Subdomains vs. Subdirectories Debate

August 14, 2013
Which is better for SEO?

Templated Content on Multiple Pages

April 10, 2013
Is it okay to have the same few sentences on every page of your website? Read More >>

How to Fix a Wrong URL in Google and Bing

April 10, 2013
What do you do when you accidentally provide the search engines with a bad URL? Read More >>

Interview with B2B Website Marketer Dianna Huff

March 26, 2013
I've known Dianna Huff since at least 2007, but she's been helping B2B companies get their websites in good order since 1998. From the best way to market your content via mobile devices to how to write content that appeals to a B2B target audience, Dianna has got it nailed down. Read More >>

Merry-Go-Round Sites

February 13, 2013
With the introduction of the Panda filter by Google (originally dubbed "Farmer") in February 2011, one commonality of sites that were hit was what I called merry-go-round sites. Read More >>

Is Semi-Hidden Text Bad for SEO?

January 30, 2013
Is using hidden text within class tags ideal for SEO, or should it be avoided? Read More >>

No Conversion Information in Google Analytics for Third-party Hosted Shopping Cart

January 30, 2013
It seems that after switching to a 3-party shopping cart I no longer have individual keyword conversion rates and costs in my Google Analytics. Read More >>

Title Tag Length

January 30, 2013
Everywhere I have read that title tags should be no longer than 65 to 70 characters. Is this true? Read More >>

Sneaky Footer Links and Other Footer Abuses That Google Dislikes

January 16, 2013
In my "18 SEO Killers" article from the end of last year, I mentioned footer links as a potential SEO problem. I know this confused many people because I didn't explain what I meant by them. This article takes an in-depth look at footer abuses.

SEO and Duplicate Content Issues That Hurt Google Traffic

December 5, 2012
As part of my SEO for 2013 and beyond series, I promised to provide more in-depth information about the "SEO killers" I mentioned last time. Today I'm delving into duplicate content as it relates to SEO.

18 SEO Killers You Must Clean Up and Avoid for 2013 and Beyond

November 14, 2012
There's a lot of talk lately of Google having finally killed SEO through their Panda and Penguin algorithms, which continue to ensnare more and more websites with every new update. So is SEO really (finally) dead? Read More >>

Personalized Search Results and Image Captions

October 3, 2012
When I searched a phrase on my computer, I did not come up at all but I get traffic for that phrase. How does that happen? Read More >>

High Rankings Question of the Week

September 19, 2012
Have you had good success moving old static HTML sites to WordPress (not losing traffic, getting more, etc.)? Read More >>

Moving an HTML Site to WordPress After Loss of Website Traffic

September 19, 2012
Does moving from an HTML site to a WordPress site have any big SEO issues? Read More >>

What Are Low-Quality Pages and How Do You Fix Them?

August 8, 2012
In some of my recent reviews of websites that have recently lost Google traffic, I've found a common thread: lots of low-quality content pages. But the interesting thing is that this wasn't the sort of low-quality content created by some scammy SEO in an attempt to boost search engine rankings. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

May 16, 2012
Is a "List Internal Links" in My Website Footer Bad After Google's Penguin Update? Read More >>

Your Most Common SEO Questions Answered

May 2, 2012
Today I browsed through the 3,500 or so SEO questions people asked at Google and chose the most common ones to answer.

5 6 Reasons Why You Need to Use Rel=Author on Your Content

January 11, 2012
If you're thinking that implementing the Rel-Author tag on your content isn't worth the trouble, Jill Whalen provides 5 6 reasons why it's super important. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

January 11, 2012
Google passes value from an iframed link.

Same-Page Anchor Links

December 14, 2011
I know that incoming links are important in search engine rankings, but do the search engines consider anchors the same way as an incoming link? Read More >>

Stuff You Might Like

December 14, 2011
Save $1000 when you get a new Drupal website from Ventures Interactive! Read More >>

Go Live With Incomplete New Site or Wait?

September 21, 2011
Once my site is ready, I'll be approaching owners within the niche. So I really don't want people to find me for the first few months. My thought was that I would not add my new keyword-rich titles, headings, links, etc., until after a month or so, to keep people from finding me too soon... Read More >>

Is This Website Grader Info Correct?

September 21, 2011
I ran my website through a website grader type of tool and it provided me with some recommendations which I'm wondering about... Read More >>

Two Different Target Markets

September 21, 2011
Can I use a splash page to direct two different target markets to the appropriate sections of my website? Read More >>

Is pageid= in the URL Harmful to Website SEO?

September 21, 2011
Recently I had a conversation with an SEO expert who claimed that the most important thing we need to do for SEO on our website is URL rewriting. Our old CMS system still uses parameters in the URL ("?pageid="). Read More >>

High Rankings Question of the Week

September 21, 2011
Do you change URLs for SEO purposes if they're not currently using keywords but are being indexed fine? Read More >>

Many SEO Questions

July 27, 2011
I have many questions about SEO. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

July 27, 2011
Canonical Tag for DNS Redirect

Help People Find Your Blog Content with Categories and Tags

July 13, 2011
Today's feature article is a guest post from my friend and B2B marketing consultant Dianna Huff. If you're a B2B company in need of online content writing and marketing, you'll be in good hands with Dianna! In addition, she’s also hosting local, low cost, lunch time web marketing seminars in the MA-NH Merrimack Valley area. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

July 13, 2011
Wildcard Subdomains & SEO

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

June 29, 2011
Is "Hidden" Read More Text Okay?

URLs With Hashtags

June 1, 2011
Do you think the hashtag in a URL affects the site's SEO or link building in any way? Read More >>

Optimized for Mobile

June 1, 2011
Do you "optimize" for search engines regardless of whether it's from a computer or a mobile device? Read More >>

The Truth About Search Engines and Flash

March 23, 2011
If your company wants people to actually understand what you do when they come to your website, how does playing with the spinning balls further this goal? Read More >>

Some Farm Aid for the Afflicted: Google Farmer Update

March 2, 2011
By now you've surely heard of the recent Google algorithm changes dubbed the "Farmer Update." This article highlights some of the interesting things I noticed that made me go hmmm...with the small set of sites I've looked at so far. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

February 2, 2011
Question About Mobile Site and Duplicate Content

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

January 19, 2011
Non-nefarious Cloaking

3 SEO Traps to Avoid During Your Redesign

January 5, 2011
Going live with a redesigned website without considering the SEO implications is like being ensnared in a nasty trap that you cannot escape from. Read More >>

Twitter Question of the Week

January 5, 2011
What reasons have you seen for a loss of traffic after a redesign? Read More >>

SEO Consultants Are Not the Enemy!

December 15, 2010
When a client hires an outside SEO consultant during the design and development of a new website, it's often not looked upon kindly by the development team. Chances are the team has had bad experiences with an SEO who forced them to design for search engines and not for people. Read More >>

Twitter Question of the Week

December 15, 2010
Which SEO recommendations also make a website more usable to people? Read More >>

CMS Keeps Two Sets of URLs

November 3, 2010
We are moving our site to a new CMS and have a few questions regarding URLs and our sitemap. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

September 22, 2010
Getting Better Rankings for Category Pages

No Metas?

July 28, 2010
I noticed you do not use meta descriptions or meta keywords on many of your pages. Why not? Read More >>

Opt Out of SEO at Your Own Peril!

July 14, 2010
If you're a small-business owner, you know you need a website in order to compete online. But I sometimes wonder how many owners know they don't just need a website, but one that's been developed with SEO baked in from the start. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

July 14, 2010
ASP to WordPress

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

June 30, 2010
Forum member "KemoSabe" wanted to mask a keyword-rich domain with a more memorable one for humans. Read More >>

Search Engine Algorithm Changes Effects on SEO

June 16, 2010
Jill's response to whether today's SEO techniques could become tomorrow's search engine spam. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

June 16, 2010
Forum member "flarbas" posted that they were frustrated because their boss suggested crazy changes to the company website. Read More >>

Dupe Content From Tracking Links

June 2, 2010
I have a question about the duplicate content issue when you append tracking codes. But, as a safety measure to avoid duplicate content, I've included a 301-redirect in the htaccess file... Read More >>

Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

June 2, 2010
Did any of you experience that faster load speed of pages got you better rankings at Google SERP? Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

May 19, 2010
Title Tags and H1 Tags: Same or different for best SEO? Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

May 5, 2010
Help Choose: Subdomain or Directory?

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

April 21, 2010
Coding from Scratch or a CMS?

HTML in File Name

April 7, 2010
Do we need to have .html at the end of the URL? Read More >>

Ampersands and Search Engines

April 7, 2010
On my web page I have H2 tags that include the HTML ampersand (&) character code. I've been told that this confuses crawlers. Read More >>

Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

March 10, 2010
Forum member "Becs" is concerned because some automated SEO software told her she had too many URLs on her home page. Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

February 24, 2010
Do image links have the same weighting engines as text links? Read More >>

Why We Do What We Do in SEO

February 10, 2010
One thing that can help you figure out how to SEO your site is to learn the whys behind the specific techniques you always hear about. But to understand the whys, you first need to get the gist of how search engines work. Read More >>

SEOing a Live Site

January 20, 2010
When you begin optimizing a website, does it have to go down while creating meta tags – title, description, keyword? OR do we need to back up the website first? Read More >>

XML Site Maps

January 20, 2010
Is an XML sitemap mandatory if you have a CMS? Read More >>

6 Website Redesign SEO Secrets Your Developer May Not Know

December 16, 2009
You need to address a number of SEO tactics before you get too deep into your website redesign. The reason you need to keep SEO front and center during this time is twofold: so that you do not lose your previous traffic, but also so that you can gain additional targeted search engine visitors when the new site goes live. Read More >>

10-plus SEO Questions - Google Rules

November 11, 2009
This morning I woke up to someone having submitted a pile of SEO questions using our newsletter question form. At first I thought, "Yikes, that's kind of pushy to think I have time to answer all those questions!" But then I remembered that this was a newsletter week and I still had no idea what I was going to write about. Read More >>

Adjusting Domains

September 2, 2009
My plan is to move all the home decor products from the old site to the new one AND change the products of the old one back to selling the jewelry, perfume, wallets, etc. – that is, the "gifty" stuff. What is the best way to make this change? Read More >>

Any Good SEO Books?

September 2, 2009
I am new to SEO. I am writing my first website and would like to get a better understanding of building a great website that will attract my target market to my site. Can you suggest any good books that can help me achieve this goal? Read More >>

Methods for Showing Specific Content Based on Referrer - Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

July 8, 2009
The other day I stumbled across Google's 1-click for free program, which is a way of indexing content that can normally be viewed only by registered users. Read More >>

New Optimized Page vs. New Site -Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

June 24, 2009
Forum member "taterchips" (great name!) is interested in tackling a specific niche within their profession and was looking at the most effective way to play to that niche. Their question has to do with whether they should add a new page or section to their existing website or start a new website for this particular niche. Read More >>

PageRank Evaporation When PR Sculpting - Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

June 10, 2009
There was big news last week from the SMX Advanced conference, which we've been discussing at the forum, regarding the use of PageRank sculpting. Read More >>

Blog Post Metadata

May 27, 2009
Are the Title, Description and Keywords (the metadata) always the same for each blog post? Read More >>

Calendar for Long-tail SEO

May 27, 2009
We want to put a calendar of events on our website. Google Calendar appears to be a great product but since it is not hosted on our website the long-tail SEO value (which is one of the main reasons we want to do the calendar) is lost. Read More >>

Redirecting Website to a New Domain

May 27, 2009
We have a website of which the home page has 5 PageRank. This website has 5,000 pages that are indexed in and many of the pages have good PageRank. Read More >>

85 Reasons Why Developers/Designers Keep SEOs in Business - Stuff You Might Like

May 27, 2009
A few months ago, I was quoted by Google's Matt Cutts as saying that "website developers keep SEOs in business." I honestly do believe that and have for a long time. While I don't mean to say that ALL website designers and developers believe or do all of these things, you'll likely encounter many who have done or believe in some of these. Read More >>

All-Graphical Home Page

April 15, 2009
I realize that Google picks up Alt text data (aka Alt tags), especially if the graphic acts as a link; however, I am a bit puzzled on how Google ranked a particular site. Read More >>

Dynamically Generated Pages and Dynamic Titles

March 4, 2009
I run an apartment search website. The sites search results pages are dynamic and pulled from the database. If these dynamic pages also have dynamic page titles, will they be search engine relevant? Read More >>

Duplicate Content Via Press Releases

March 4, 2009
I disseminate news releases for clients using online wire services. Additionally, the releases are posted on my clients' websites, usually as PDFs, and on my firm's website, the same PDF. My programmer just told me that unless I make these releases different I am causing search engine apoplexy. Please let me know the facts and, more important, what I should be doing. Read More >>

Fixing Duplicate Content

March 4, 2009
We have a travel website where people can enquire about beautiful small hotels we offer. Even though each hotel has a unique URL with unique content, the categories pages have a duplication problem. Read More >>

Discontinued Products Showing in Google

March 4, 2009
I would like to ask a question too, please. Our website is geared to sell GPS equipment. Many of the products have a life of about 6 months to a year. Google indexes these very well, and we rank highly. However, some searches display discontinued products (I guess because they have been around the longest). Read More >>

Combining Subdomains - Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

March 4, 2009
Forum member Convergent7 has a website that uses a subdomain along with the main domain. He/she wonders if it would be better to combine them into one. Read More >>

Canonical and Base Tags

February 18, 2009
Forum moderator Jonathan Hochman posted about Google's new method for specifying canonical URLs, which the other major search engines have also agreed to use. Read More >>

Same Content, Different URLs

February 4, 2009
I have a new website selling children's eco friendly toys. The site was designed to enable customers to search for toys by age, by type of toy, by brand, and by country of manufacture. A given toy description would be in each of these categories as well as in multiple age categories and multiple toy types (i.e., in puzzles and wooden puzzles). Read More >>

Absolute Links or Relative?

February 4, 2009
I've been researching absolute vs. relative links and there seem to be two camps -- one that advocates absolute as better for SEO purposes and the other that says that absolute links won't improve your rank. My site is set up with relative links, so is it worth the effort to change them to absolute? Read More >>

Effect of Navigational Content on SEO

February 4, 2009
I'm redesigning my website using CSS for the layout. In the HTML code the navigation information comes before the actual page content. What worries me is how I have my navigation set up. I use CSS and span tags to make neat little information boxes appear when my navigation links are hovered over. These boxes will tell the visitor more about what to expect from that particular link. Read More >>

When Google Fails, It's SearchWiki to the Rescue!

January 21, 2009
It was a few weeks before our annual trip to Pompano, FL to visit my grandmother and get away from the nasty New England weather. We had our plane tickets and hotel reserved, but still needed a rental car. I'd been reserving cars for years through a rental car aggregator website that I found many years ago when searching online for rental cars in Ft. Lauderdale. Read More >>

Are You Ignoring the Cries of Your Website?

January 7, 2009
While traveling by plane to Florida to visit my grandmother for the holidays, we were sitting next to a couple with 2 small children, probably around 2 and 3 years of age. We expect a lot of children during holiday travel, and typically it's not that big of a deal. With this family, however, it was a different matter. Read More >>

When Should Site Sections Be Separate Sites?

December 3, 2008
"I'm just about to launch a new site. It should really be 3 sites but the client talked me into making it one or the deal was off. It's for private sales of cars, property and boats. It also has a business directory for each section. The sections are in subdirectories rather than domains for easy maintenance." Read More >>

Shutting Down a Site

November 19, 2008
I work for a nonprofit that since 2000 has been operating an e-commerce website to provide emerging artists with a web presence. It has earned a toolbar PageRank of 5, thanks to some decent inbound links. Due to a variety of things, the parent company of the website has decided it's time to shut the site down. Read More >>

Pages Indexed, Descriptions and Title Tags

October 22, 2008
How important is it to have a large number of indexed sites through Google? If so, how do we increase the number, and how do we edit what text appears under the link?

1 Site Plus 4 Subdomains: Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

October 22, 2008
Forum member "bobmeetin" explains how a business he's evaluating has a main website plus 4 subdomains and seems like one big organizational mess.

How Poor Usability Can Kill Your Copy and Conversions

October 8, 2008
It's funny how we, as website owners, don't always think like our visitors. A course of action that might seem perfectly obvious to us may stop our visitors right in the middle of their buying process. Take, for instance, e-commerce–type copy. Do you realize that what happens after your customers read your copy could make or break your sale? I'm not talking about shopping cart abandonment. I'm talking about good communication that keeps the buying cycle moving forward. Let me give you a real-world example.

Newbie Web Designer Needs Direction

September 23, 2008
Forum member "wonder371" is wondering which software products and programming languages would be the best for him as he embarks on his new career as a website designer. Read More >>

Can Google Follow Non-www Links?

August 27, 2008
For purposes of discussion, let's say my main URL is I have a plethora of links in my site for indexing purposes between pages. The page links all go to their respective pages properly, but are linked to (without the www part). Read More >>

Blog on Different IP

August 27, 2008
I'm wondering if there is more link value provided by a new blog if it is hosted on an IP with a different C block than the IP address of the web site itself. The owner of the business would be writing the blog and sharing business expertise with the idea of building the brand of the business.


Advanced Forum Thread of the Week: Important Hub Pages in Supplemental / Not Ranking

August 27, 2008
Forum member "don h" discusses a website problem that's been plaguing him for ages. Read More >>

Using the NoScript Tag

July 30, 2008
Forum member "Webstream" wonders if it's okay to use the "noscript" tag as a place for links and text on a site that is all Flash and images. Read More >>

302 Redirects Appear As 200 Status

May 14, 2008
If you're a true techie geek, you will like this High Rankings forum thread where member "doughayman" notices some weirdness in his server logs. With some probing, forum moderator and all-around server wizard "Randy" helps diagnose the problem, and all is well again. Read More >>

Too Many Hits for My Custom 404 Page

April 30, 2008
Forum member "johking" posted that her 404-error page is getting tons of hits, and wonders if it's set up incorrectly. Read More >>

Using Nofollow: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

March 26, 2008
Now that the nofollow link attribute has been around for awhile, and even sanctioned by Google's Matt Cutts for "PageRank Sculpting," forum member "nethy" is wondering what your thoughts are on it. Read More >>

Data Feeds and Duplicate Content

January 2, 2008
A lot of my clients pull data/products from semi-public databases to populate their websites, similar to how real estate agents show listings of homes on their sites. I've been ensuring that each client has unique valuable and professionally edited content whenever possible on the rest of the site, but I’m afraid that if I make the portions of the site that use the semi-public data accessible to the search engines, they will find duplicate information on other sites and my client site(s) would not be indexed. Read More >>

Need Some Input on Site Outline

January 2, 2008
Forum member "ronfrank" is new to SEO and is having trouble figuring out how to categorize his site based on keyword phrases. Read More >>

Changing URLs

November 28, 2007
I am in the process of changing all my URLs from things like news123.html to OurCompany_Announces_New_CEO.html Read More >>

Changing Homepage URL

November 28, 2007
For those looking for some advanced SEO info, we have a ton of it in our “Technobabble” area of the forum. There’s tons of great info on dynamic sites, as well as mountains of technical info on redirects, mod_rewrites, etc. Read More >>

DMOZ Description

November 14, 2007
It appears the text Google is now showing [for a particular keyword phrase] is from our DMOZ directory listing. Read More >>

Static-seeming Sites

November 14, 2007
My company is considering building some new sites where content is loaded from a database. We plan on using static URLs no matter what, but we are wondering if it matters whether the content comes from static, unique HTML files, or if the HTML page is served from a database. Read More >>

Multiple Informational Sites

October 3, 2007
I have a plastic surgeon client who specializes in many procedures and has spent a fortune on developing a very nice site that has been done in Flash. In efforts to get him some traffic, we are doing a double campaign, one with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and one using SEO tactics. Read More >>

Is a FrontPage Website Search Engine Unfriendly?

September 26, 2007

I am a small business owner with a circa 2003 website that needs an overhaul both in terms of SEO optimization and visual appeal. I have no time or talent to do this and want to hire a company.


I have received a reply from one company that said the problem with my website is that it was written in FrontPage. They implied that that was a problem both from a design perspective and for SEO. Do you agree? And if so, does my website need to be recreated in HTML?


Is SEO an Extra Skill or a Prerequisite When Designing a Website?

September 26, 2007
Forum member "rolf" told the community of a website design company that created a brand-new site completely in Flash for a client, even though the client expressed an interest in having the website found in the search engines. Read More >>

Submitting to Google or a Sitemap?

September 25, 2007
I submitted our website sitemap to Google a while back, but I was reading a forum this morning where somebody was saying you have to submit every page to Google. What is the real procedure and are sitemaps important? Read More >>

Does Graceful Degradation Really Work

September 19, 2007
At the place where I work as an e-commerce copywriter, we are about to take a pretty successful, basic, unpretentious e-commerce website and guck it up – er, I mean, enhance it — with fancy Flash animation on virtually every page. Read More >>

Revisited: The Art of SEO

August 29, 2007
Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation and the conference and raring to go. Today’s article is an updated version of one I wrote back in 2004 on the art of SEO. I recently reviewed it and was surprised at how accurate it still is today. I figured there are many of you on the list who never read it the first time around, and for those who did, you’ve probably forgotten it by now. Read More >>

Matt Cutts Giving Out Clues via Google Webmaster Central?

July 25, 2007
Forum moderator Jonathan Hochman (jehochman) noticed a post on Matt Cutts’ blog asking people to vote for what features they’d most want added to Google’s Webmaster Tools. Jonathan thought it was curious that one of the proposed features would tell webmasters which pages on their sites don’t validate. He wondered why Google would do that if they don’t care about pages that validate. Read More >>

Getting Into Google - New Unavailable_after Tag and More!

July 11, 2007
Last night was our third SEMNE event (Search Engine Marketing New England), and we were humbled to have Dan Crow, director of crawl systems at Google, spilling the beans about how to get your site into Google. He talked for a half hour or so, and then proceeded to answer audience questions for at least another hour. As I sat there listening to him (yes, I actually listened to this one!), I was struck by what an awesome opportunity it was for everyone in that room to be provided with such important information — straight from Google. It was clear that the 100 or so people in the room agreed. In fact, at 7:30 on the dot, everyone spontaneously stopped their networking activities and simply took their seats without being asked to. These folks definitely came to hear Google! Read More >>

Does a Site Redesign Spell Trouble for Rankings?

May 30, 2007
In another post, "DannyAFC" says he feels that his site needs a redesign but isn't sure what elements he can safely change without hurting his search engine rankings. Read More >>

Avoiding Duplicate Content on eCommerce Site

May 30, 2007
Forum member "Brandon C" asks, "I want to be able to offer a true breadcrumb for customers in an ecommerce store, but I am afraid that the product page will get penalized for duplicate content if I'm not careful." Read More >>

Why Have We Gone From <br> to <br />?

May 29, 2007
Forum member "Doogie" wonders why we've gone from <br> to <br />? Read More >>

Best Place for a Blog

May 23, 2007
Our site has a blog which is — should it really be ? Read More >>

Display: None

May 23, 2007
I have to create some pages for a client. They are full of images and little to no content and have no title tags…however, they still want SEO services…*groan* Read More >>

Best Practices for 50 Micro-sites

May 9, 2007

I wanted to discuss the possibility of developing a best practice/checklist
guide for our company to follow.  Our new  initiative will be to launch 50
or so micro-sites focused on our key product categories.  These sites will
need to be rolled  out quickly.


HTML vs. Joomla

May 9, 2007
What if you have 2 identical websites with the same Meta tags and same content, but one is “100% HTML web design (clean code, CSS design)” and the other is “100% Joomla, fully loaded with SEO options”? Read More >>

Lost Rankings Due to Site Redesign or Spam?

April 18, 2007
I started answering this question with the usual answer, but as I looked at the site in question, I realized there was more going on than meets the eye. Please read through the entire question and my response to see what I mean! Read More >>

Pauline’s Poll of the Week

April 18, 2007
What is more important to you and the other major stakeholders within your organization? Read More >>

Creating a New Site Based on One Product

April 4, 2007
We have a website with tips and advice about health products. The competition is quite tough in this field, but we have one product that is doing extremely well in search engines and other websites are starting to link to it as well. Read More >>

What’s Important to Search Engines and What’s Not

March 21, 2007
I recently had an inquiry from someone who was looking for some possible SEO consulting with me. He was in the process of a redesign and wanted to be sure not to make any mistakes along the way, which is super-smart! The time to be looking at SEO is definitely in the beginning stage of any design or redesign project. Read More >>

CSS Better than Tables?

March 21, 2007
Are Sites Created with CSS Better than Those Created with Tables? Read More >>

Hiding Links Behind a Flash Menu

March 7, 2007
Forum member "joeeee" asks if it's okay to hide a link behind a Flash menu. Read More >>

Expanding Services and SEO

February 28, 2007
Your email newsletter is one of my favorites, and I get a bunch of them from SEO “experts” and others. Read More >>

Adding a List of Keywords

February 28, 2007
Great newsletter. My business partner is developing our site and wants to put a list of keywords at the bottom of some of our shop pages (i.e. below the text) in the hopes that this will get the search engines to notice us slightly more. Read More >>

Anyone Know of a Good PHP Calendar?

February 21, 2007
"Johking" is looking for a PHP calendar he can add to his website. Read More >>

Meta Tag Includes

January 31, 2007
I have a question relating to Meta tags and the head document. Read More >>

New CMS Changing File Extensions

January 3, 2007
Our web site has been around for many years and we are switching over to a content management system coded in JSP, but with extensions ending in .do as opposed to what we currently have, .asp. Read More >>

Optimizing Flash Sites

January 3, 2007
I am working for a Flash site that is brand-new. How can that be indexed and come up in the SERPs? Read More >>

Wrong Code

January 3, 2007
I recently met with a company that provides SEO as one of their services and I was told point-blank that our site is written with the “wrong code,” and therefore the search engines can’t read it. I use FrontPage and have nothing more fancy than text, tables, pictures, and some links to other industry sites. Should I be suspicious? Read More >>

Cold Fusion Pages

December 13, 2006
I have a client whose web site has been created in Cold Fusion. I am not all that familiar with these types of pages but right now most of their page text and metas are being pulled from another document and are not actually part of the “live site code.” Read More >>

Content in Tables

December 13, 2006
If my pages are in a table, and if I add a header to that table for a caption, put my main keyword for that page in it, and make it a bold and big h1 tag, will it help? Read More >>

10 Signs That Your SEO Is a Quack

November 29, 2006
As you know there are a lot of so-called SEO/SEM experts/gurus claiming all
sorts of things. The analogy to me is like "quack" doctors compared to the
genuine article.

Are there 6 or a dozen questions that would expose those purporting to be
experts?

Project Management eBook Site Questions

October 25, 2006
Sixty-year-old newbie here with his first e-book! My site is unlinked --
just "up there."   I teach project management for a living -- but ill health
is forcing early retirement, and I have an urgent need to keep paying the
mortgage!

Tables and SEO

September 20, 2006
I have been a regular reader of your newsletter for some time. I hope you have time to give me your thoughts on the following comment that I received from a website designer. Read More >>

Website Maintenance

August 30, 2006
In case you were on vacation during the last newsletter and haven’t had a chance to catch up yet, I wanted to point out my quick recommendation for website maintenance from Read More >>

Keywords in URLs

August 2, 2006
Do you know if repeating keywords in the URL will help increase rankings within search engine results? If so does it have a big impact? Read More >>