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SEO Website Audit

Same SEO but No Rankings

September 20, 2006
I have been receiving your excellent newsletter for more than 3 years and
find it an invaluable help to understand the ins and outs of SEO.

Indeed I am sure that your advice has been instrumental in achieving a top 5
listing for the last 3 years in Google for my London site.

We have now broadened our operation into Paris. Our Paris site has been
optimised in exactly the same way as my London site, and submitted to Google
6 months ago.  However, a search on [our keywords] - or anything else -- it
is not even on the first 20 pages!

It almost seems as if Google are intentionally favouring sites with far less
claim to be relevant for this search.

Can you suggest anything?

Kind regards,


++Jill's Response++

Hi Harley,

If the site is only 6 months old, then you are still the victim of Google's
aging delay

Submitting to Google won't help; you simply need to build up trust, links
and credibility.  Plus, as with everything in SEO, you'll have to have lots
of patience!  The aging delay time frame averages around 9 months, so you've
most likely got at least another 3 months or so to go.

Also note that since you're in a highly competitive area, things can take
quite a while even without the aging delay.  It's difficult to gain a decent
trust factor in competitive areas, so you'll want to think of everything you
can to set your site apart from the others in your niche.  The more useful
stuff you can offer that isn't offered by others, the better your chances
will be for search engine success.

Good luck!