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Same Tags and Keywords But No High Rankings

April 23, 2008
Dear Jill,

If I have the same title tags and keywords as the company listed first in Google, Yahoo, etc., why don't I get a high ranking?



++Jill's Response++

Hi, Doug,

Oh, if only it were that easy! If it were, then of course everyone would just copy everyone else and we'd have an Internet full of the same stuff.

Basically, what you've found out is that Title tags (and keywords) are only a piece of the SEO puzzle. There are hundreds of factors that come into play to provide a page with a high search engine ranking. While Title tags are a very important part of the formula, they don't stand alone.

Additional factors that the search engines take into consideration are:
  • the age of the website
  • the age of the page
  • the overall popularity of the website on the Internet as a whole
  • the overall popularity of the page with respect to other pages within the website
  • the authority and trust factor of the domain
  • the words being used within the visible content of the page
  • the words used in anchor text pointing to the page
  • the words used in alt attribute text pointing to the page, and
  • about 90 other, less important factors!

The bottom line is that no 2 websites are the same, and each needs its own unique mixture of ingredients to bring it the targeted traffic that it needs to succeed.

For more info on this subject, you might want to read my "Ten Tips to the Top" article.