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Removing Links From a Site

July 28, 2010
Dear Jill,

Our website has minimal content and is not a business generator, but we still would like it to be high on search engine rankings.Photo Credit: oedipusphinx

The designer added fairly unnoticeable links at the bottom of our website that go to pages of information that are now old and have little to do with our business. We would like to take these pages off.

What would be the best way for me to transition these pages off our website, while keeping up our SEO? They have a lot of links to other pages, some not related to our business.

Thank you so much!


++Jill's Response++

Hi Christina,

It depends on whether those pages are currently bringing traffic to your site now and what their purpose is or was. If they're not helping now, it's fine to just remove them. If they were designed as doorway pages for SEO purposes only, it's probably safe to remove them as well because they will be more likely to hurt than to help your efforts.

But it's impossible to say without carefully analyzing your web analytics so that you know exactly what your situation is. If you have a good program such as Google Analytics installed, you should be able to easily tell what, if anything, those links and pages are doing for your website as a whole.

Hope this helps!



Jill Whalen is an SEO consultant and CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO company.

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