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Can I Remove Omniture Code and Install Google Analytics?

September 21, 2011

Hi Jill,

Thanks for the great information. I just have one question.

We inherited a client from a major industry network and they used Omniture and SiteCatalyst to track their analytics. I am familiar with Google Analytics. I don't want to negatively affect their current ranking (because it's pretty good), but I need to track the Google Analyticsnumbers, so is there any harm in going in and dropping in a Google account ID and getting rid of the Omniture info in the code? I feel like we're flying blind without having the info. So we need to generate it from scratch and use Google Analytics and Web Developer tools to help get some groundwork.

Thanks for your help!


++Jill's Response++

Hi Josh,

I know how you feel because I was just reviewing some sites that used Omniture/SiteCatalyst as well. When you're used to Google Analytics, it can be very difficult to find what you're looking for in a different program. That said, Omniture is a very expensive program that provides a ton of data. Therefore, I'm assuming there are people within your client's company who are reviewing that data regularly. If you simply remove the code, you could mess them up big-time!

I would ask them to provide you with access to their Omniture -- then you won't be flying blind at all. Even though you (and I) may prefer Google Analytics because we're used to it, Omniture is very good and in some ways even better. (You just have to learn how to find everything.)

You could also ask the client if they would be willing to add the Google Analytics code in addition to Omniture. Many sites use both, so that wouldn't be a problem. I would strongly recommend NOT removing any code from a client's site without their permission! In the case of Omniture, they're likely paying a lot of money for it to be there.

Hope this helps!



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 Daniel Hollerung said:
Jill, great response, I like your approach.

The only question I have is, are you sure that having more than one analytics software installed will not cause load time or other issues? In the past we steered clear of adding too much JavaScript to the head tag or body of code since it could slow things down. Is that not the case today?
 Jill Whalen said:
@Daniel I wouldn't worry too much about a little bit of tracking code. It doesn't leave a large footprint.
 Jim Sewell said:
Another thing to consider that I have run into is that when/if you change trackers you instantly make analysis difficult. You can no longer compare this month to the same month last year in one utility. I agree with Jill's recommendation that they run both - impact will be low and in time you will have enough tracking history in Google Analytics to be able to switch off the other.