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Redirected Links

September 6, 2006
Hey Jill,

I'd like to thank you for the great information that you make available.  I
read it and implement it -- and it works. Thanks!

OK... you knew it wasn't going to be all sweet talk.  I have a link-related
question.  My question is about the formatting of a link I got from a big
site.  Will the search engines recognize this as an inbound link and factor
that into their calculations?

Thanks in advance!


++Jill's Response++

Hi Anthony,

Your best bet is to run that URL through a server-header checker such as
this one.

If you find that it redirects to your site via a 301-permanent redirect,
then chances are that it will count as a link by the search engines
eventually.  If it's a 302-temporary redirect, then there's a greater chance
that it won't count as a link.  However, the engines are constantly working
on how they handle redirects, so this could change at any time.

The more important question is whether that link is bringing you traffic.
As long as it's doing that, then it's a good link!

Still, you might want to check out our High Rankings® Forum category devoted
to 301s, 302s, .htaccess files, and other cool techie things.

Good luck!