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Update on Redirecting Multiple Domains

December 13, 2006

Jill -


I recalled some advice you gave on redirecting multiple domain names
from a while back and to my surprise I was actually able to locate it on
your site (issue 60 from June 2003 to be exact). I wonder if three years later
the method of parking names at site #2 and permanently redirecting to site #1
is still the preferred manner to handle this situation.


Thanks in advance — and yes, of course I still read your newsletter — and
even attended the seminar in Natick a few years back.


Phil E. H.


++Jill’s Response++


Hi Phil,


There’s actually an easy way to do it via .htaccess, which we have pinned in
our forum in the 301 Redirect section
. If that doesn’t help, we have an entire
forum category devoted to redirects and some very knowledgeable moderators
who can point you in the right direction or provide you with the exact code you need.


Hope this helps!