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Getting Search Engines to Re-crawl

August 27, 2008

I recently set up a new site, which isn't something I often do, and forgot to set up the meta title and description. Now what is called up on Google for my site is HOME and a sentence from mid-page. Now that I have fixed the Web problem, how do I get the search engines to do another crawl of the site?



++Jill's Response++

Hi Dorothy,

First, because I'm a stickler for always trying to use the proper SEO vocabulary, you should know that there's no such thing as a "meta title." I believe you are talking about the "title tag."

It's not that big of a deal that you didn't have your Titles customized when you first went live. While you can't force the search engines to re-crawl your website, they do it fairly frequently these days, depending on the overall popularity of your website.

So basically, don't worry about it – they'll crawl in their own time. Most likely, they already have!


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 matt said:
please anwere me this question. i changed my meta tilte and description more than a few times. this morning i was #3 and #5 for key word
10 hours later my site is #30 and it is displaying an old title and description.
 Jill said:
@matt that's perfectly normal. It will take awhile before your changes get picked up in all of Google's datacenters.
 matt said:
Lets say i was to submit my site to 2000 directories, this would spam it. how long will the spam last and would there be any benefits after the spam gets lifted off
 Jill said:
Matt, not sure what you mean by "this would spam it."

You may want to visit our SEO forum for these types of questions, since they don't really apply to this particular post.
 Mitoman said:
It takes 2 weeks for them to recrawl it, you can also claim it in google webmaster and set the crawl rate to extremely high.
 Jill said:
 notme said:
A better answer to this question would be: use twitter to tweet your URL, or use google adwords. Both do it pretty quickly, twitter in about a day depending on how popular you are, and google adwords is extremely quickly.