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Ranking for Local Keywords – Part 2

June 2, 2010
Hi Jill,Photo Credit: jcdoll

My client has a local shop. Should every keyword phrase contain the locale, such as Denver, Arvada, Westminster, etc., and then just change up the item?

For instance, do I need to say, "Denver keyword phrase 1," "Arvada keyword phrase 2," "Arvada keyword phrase 3," "Littleton Colorado keyword phrase 4," etc.?



++Jill's Response++

Hi Cara,

No, you don't have to – nor should you – do that. If every keyword phrase contained the locale, the page would sound very silly and read very poorly, don't you think?

List your locations somewhere on the page where it will make sense to your site visitors, as well as in the Title tags. This is usually enough to show up for the appropriate locations.

Hope this helps!



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