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Our 7 Most Popular 2011 SEO Articles

December 28, 2011

1. The Meta Description Tag

In November I did a long-overdue, complete rewrite of the most popular article on the entire High Rankings website: The Meta Description Tag. It was well received by the SEO community as well as by Google, which continued to send its searchers over to it in droves.

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2. 16 SEO Tactics That Will NOT Bring Targeted Google Visitors

The next article from 2011 was written in April, and it provided a whole lot of useless SEO tactics that you might as well avoid. While there was some controversy about some of the tactics I consider to be useless (see the comments!), overall it was one of the most tweeted articles I've written. It continues to be read by folks every day.

3. Google (and Bing) Love Anchor Text Link Spam

I like to think that this article, which I wrote back in February, had something to do with JCPenney and other companies that had been using shady link-building techniques, getting called on the carpet and penalized by Google. And while I do still see evidence of anchor text spam helping rankings to a certain extent, it's not half as bad as it used to be.

4. Who Keeps Spreading Silly SEO Stupidity, and Why?

Here's another highly tweeted and shared article -- this one from June. In it I tried to get to the bottom of why there's so much misinformation floating about within the SEO industry. Judging by most of the comments, I think I did a pretty good job of hitting the mark.

5. Why SEO in All the Right Places No Longer Works

I wrote this article in October after reviewing tons of sites that had been hit throughout the year by one of Google's Panda Updates. I truly think the information in this article is the key to what's happened due to Panda and what's necessary to recover. I refer people with this type of website to this article all the time. As I mention there, if this article describes your site and you are still getting a lot of Google traffic, you are one of the few who are given a chance to fix things before they take it all away. Start getting to work!

6. Three SEO Traps to Avoid During Your Redesign

I wrote this one very early in the year (January) based on the many SEO redesign consultations I had done the previous year. Based on the consultations I've done in 2011, these traps continue to crop up! I implore you to read this article if you're planning a redesign of your website in 2012!

7. Google Sucks All the Way to the Bank!

This one is also from January and was based on many years of utter frustration with Google's results being just plain bad. My theory was that they make more money when their results are "just bad enough" that people will click on the more relevant ads (for which they receive payment). I'm happy to say that Panda has helped a lot in making Google's results suck a lot less, although there's always room for improvement!

While I had many other articles, the above are the ones that received the most page views at the outset and generally continue to still be read. Which were your favorite HRA SEO articles from 2011?

Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings Jill Whalenand an SEO Consultant in the Boston, MA area since 1995. Follow her on Twitter @JillWhalen

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