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SEO Website Audit

Pauline’s Poll of the Week

April 18, 2007

What is more important to you and the other major stakeholders within your
(choose one)


1. Having a search-engine-friendly and optimized site.

2. Driving more targeted traffic to your site.


Please provide us with your answer here.


Don’t forget that anyone who answers these polls each week will have a shot
at receiving one of the following:


- 10% off a future High Rankings seminar (above and beyond all the other
discounts that you may find), or
- a free Copywriting Combo, which features my Nitty-gritty Guide as well as
Karon Thackston’s Copywriting Course, or
- a $50 Amazon gift certificate.


We truly appreciate your time and feedback with these polls! In fact, here’s
some info from our very first poll:


The question was: What 3 words come to mind when you think of High Rankings
(the company)?


We had 300 responses, and therefore 900 words! There were tons of the
obvious ones:


Search (194)
SEO (82)
Jill (and forms of Jill Whalen) (64)


But the other ones were even more interesting (at least to me).

Words having to do with “information” and “informative” were very prevalent.
So were words having to do with “honesty.” We also kept seeing words like
“expert” and “expertise” as well as “friendly” and “helpful.” Some of my
favorites were “quality,” “reliable,” and “fun”!


All in all, I was extremely happy to see that the way I view the High
Rankings brand has come across to you, the High Rankings Advisor readers.
We’ll be using this information as we get into our website makeover later
this year. We’d hate to redesign the site in such a way that didn’t match
with the brand, so thanks again for your valuable feedback.


We’ll provide you with some of the results of the second poll next week.