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Pauline's Poll of the Year

December 19, 2007

We haven't hit you up for a poll in awhile because we didn't want to wear you out.  But now we have a survey for you that's a little bit longer than

usual.  Don't worry, it's really not that long, only 10 questions, and one

of those asks for your email address (if you want a crack at the free gift).



And speaking of the free gift, we are making the filling out of this survey well worth the 5-10 minutes of your time! We are going to be providing one lucky survey respondent with a free pass to Danny Sullivan's SMX West Conference being held Feb. 26-28!  If you win but can't use the conference pass for some reason, you can choose instead to have one online viewing of our High Rankings Search Marketing Training Video when it becomes available.


We'll be keeping the poll online for only about 3 weeks, so please fill it out as soon as possible.  Here's the link.