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December 13, 2006



In the scheme of things, do you think it is important to add outbound links
from a web site? Specifically, we are a small retreat center. Another
retreat center director heard that having lots of links on your site
improves ranking so the idea was to link to all the other retreat centers
(all of which also have low page rankings).


My understanding is that it is important to get inbound links, which this
technique would help with (if everyone reciprocated) but do the meaningful
outbound links matter?


Thank you for your expertise,




++Jill’s Response++


Hi Cayce,


It’s inbound links TO your site that help you with the search engines, not
outbound links.  Outbound links are often helpful to your users, however, if
you have some great resources that you would like to recommend to them.
Outbound links also show good faith to the search engines, to prove you’re
not what my friend Scottie likes to call a “dead-end site.”


It’s really all just common sense.  Create your pages in such a way that
makes the most sense for your particular business, your brand, and the
people who will be visiting your site.  That’s what the search engines want
as well.


As to linking all your sites together and whether that will help anything,
again, if it makes business sense (beyond what you think it might do for
your popularity in the search engines), then you should certainly do it.
However, if the only links those sites get are from each other and nowhere
else, chances are they won’t help very much — if at all — in the long run.


Hope this helps!



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 Frank said:
Comment @ 12/13/06 at 10:41 pm  



Your comments are helpful and confirm my own viewpoint that I developed on my. My site is strictly informational in contents and draws some 40,000 pageviews during seasonal peak. I developed it from scratch with a single focus (the visitor). I do have 2 - 3 thounsand outbound and confirmed inbound (3 - 5 page rank) links from around the world. I have turned away atleast that many due to time.


My contents contains good outbound links to good information sites for my visitors. My site visitors do not come to the site to buy. I do run banners, but to no avail.