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Organic SEO

September 20, 2006
Here's a question for you to answer in your newsletter. I was recently
quoted a job by an SEO consultant, and he kept using the term "organic" to
describe the methodology. What does this mean? And do I want it?


++Jill's Response++

Hi Doug,

It's easy for us SEO old fogies to forget that not everyone understands the
terminology we throw out there.  Organic just means the "natural" search
results as opposed to the pay-per-click ads that show up at the very top and
right-hand side of the page.  There's really no such thing as an "organic
methodology," but perhaps the consultant simply meant that he would be
optimizing for those natural results, as opposed to implementing a PPC


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 Scott Carlisle said:
Hello Jill,

Great Newsletter. I have a situaiton coming up that I thought maybe you could help me with. I have a well ranked web site and because of a product name change we need to change the url. What are the best steps that can be followed so we limit the damage to the organic listings we’ve been doing so well on?

Will changing our URL or domain name affect our search engine rankings?
How can we change urls without losing the traffic we’re already getting?

Thank you.
 Jill said:
Scott, see Scottie’s article:

Switching to a New Domain Without Losing Your Google Rankings.
 Therese Patterson said:

I just received a message from Keyword Discovery Support after inquiring about KEI that I need your expertise deciphering please since she says KEI is no longer relevant and there are other items I need to consider (which I am not familiar with):

“The KEI feature is very much overrated and pretty much useless these days, so obtaining KEI figures for all the terms is not something we recommend as it is a useless measurement of a keywords effectiveness.

The only reason we offer it is because WordTracker have it.

To measure keyword effectiveness you need to do much more, such as check for:
- sites with intitle
- sites with inanchor
- competing number of Google and Yahoo ads etc. “

Thanks in advance,
 Jill said:
Hi Therese,

KEI has never been relevant or useful.

That’s all they’re saying.

 Jeff said:
The term “organic methodology” was coined by the SE, it does not mean TRUE, it just means how do they want to see it being done.
 Jill said:
By what SE, Jeff?

I believe actually that the SEO company, MarketLeap, coined the term Organic SEO.